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ouch–from fingers to computers

Our water froze up today so I had to try and keep my boys happy who due to their special needs don’t understand the meaning of NO BATH now IT’S BROKEN.

Chris got so frustrated he grabbed my hand in the process somehow jammed my finger. I can type fairly well after icing it, but it hurts still. I don’t know if it’ll hurt more tomorrow or less — sigh.

I guess it’s just sprained – would think I couldn’t type at all if it was broken, right? Writing is much harder – can’t write barely at all.

Reminds me of ’99 when I broke my wrist – couldn’t write at all but still could type a little…


In other (broken?) news…

Our newer (hubby’s & daughter’s) computer died (we think?) tonight. Unfortunately I had not backed it up and I feel really bad about that! I’m hoping the contents are still able to be recovered. I’m going to call Dell tomorrow.

I’m not sure we’re going to get another Dell – our first one just lasted 4 years – 2001-2005, and this one we just bought in April of 06! This one I type on is a Dell too, and we bought in August 05 and I use constantly. I’m holding my breath (and trying to back up right now without a lot of success due to my CD’s being bad due to my li’l son scratching them all.)

But it’s still under service contract until April – I hope Dell can do something when I call them.

The symptoms are – computer froze while daughter and dh were playing Sims. They had to turn off (you know, by pushing button until system turns off because you can’t do otherwise). We have all done that from time time on all our computers and it never was a big problem. Well, it won’t turn back on. All it has is a split second yellow light that comes behind the power button and then nothing. I unplugged for like 4 hours and just plugged back in and tried again – nothing. Opened box, don’t see anything particularly wrong – didn’t even try and find power supply box. Want to talk to Dell first.

Thankfully DH still has his (Acer) laptop for work!


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  1. My youngest who is 6 and profoundly autistic LOVES to bath but until a year ago my 15 year old who is maybe midway on the spectrum thought that washing was totally unnecessary.
    Now she showers daily and changes at least 3 times a day and insists all her clothes are washed before she will wear them again.
    I think mine would also be distraught if I told them the bath was broken.

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