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    1. Sick sick sick. I’ve been coughing since Saturday but today every time I cough it’s like I’m going to throw up, and my head hurts. so exhausted I cancelled ryan’s speech therapy today.
    2. ryan is driving me nuts right now. I hear him throwing his vcr tapes. well, if he breaks them, more are gone.

  1. We’re going to enjoy every BITE of the corned beef and cabbage we’re making Friday for St. Patrick’s Day. The Lord delivered us on St. Patrick’s Day, 1994, when I was 7 months pregnant with Colleen, we were both working, and we didn’t know what to do because we owned a house AND trailer that people had defaulted us on and we’d evicted them. We sold the trailer for cash on that day. So maybe this year St. Patrick’s Day will be another miracle day.
  2. It was 70 here yesterday in NE Ohio, and today it is 35 and we have snow.
  3. If I can’t move any more today cleaning, I plan to try and organize the drives on this computer. this computer contains backups from 2 other computers, just thrown on it. I never know what directory a document is in! And there’s 5 user areas! Can you say confusing? I need to get at it.
  4. The Lord doesn’t give us more than we can bear


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  1. i’m so sorry to hear about all that stuff =/…everything will turn out all right though, i’m sure of it…and i hope this st. patrick’s day IS as blessed as the one in 1994!

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