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Thoughts on sports and activities

In the late 90’s Colleen was 3 & 4, and we were very active at the Y, and she was in gymnastics, ballet, swimming, and art class. I taught at the Y – gym & swim, adventure center and babysitting room. I typed at home, too, AND in the middle for some months or so worked at a law firm. It was an insane two years or so. She had classes 2-3 days a week AND Chris had speech therapy and occupational therapy, and I also took him to the Y for play time that also really counted as therapy time for him, in the Y’s adventure center. (I’ll link to some pics of them when I’m more awake).

In about 2004 or so our schedule was insane before I almost had a heart attack (not literally, but of course who really knows?) [this was in most of the 04 year on and off after I quit “working” and thought I had to have the total soccer mom schedule AND have a better homes and gardens house (uh, yeah?)

Colleen: swimming, art, volleyball, trumpet lessons, counseling
Chris: on and off speech therapy, OT, and possibly another OT place part of that year (unless that was 05??)
Ryan: speech therapy, OT, toddler school therapy, gym and swim

Now – unfortunately we do “nothing.” I’m too tired from my life to do a thing, AND our scholarships expired for the Y. *I’ve not worked there since 01*, and now that we make more $ I cannot afford the down payments involved with the Y that they tack on to the scholarships at a higher income bracket.

BUT there’s a workout center right in our community that is free to us that I’m dying to check out (and probably “dying ” literally if I don’t).

Colleen is planning to play in the band next year – drums. I need to check out lessons. I know this will involve countless football games as a high school freshman! She was in choir last year, and band two years before that (since 5th grade). She played the trumpet.

When I was in high school I was in choir, played in the drama club events sometimes (guitar and sang), was guitar accompanyist for the choir, was in art club, on yearbook and newspaper staff, wrote books and poems, and took guitar lessons. In college I was in swing choir, took piano and voice, and just about quit writing altogether which was a shame. I then was in choir in church for about 10 years until 2001 and also played for the little kids. I started writing again in 1989.

Sports — I loved playing basketball but was never on a team. I also practiced gymnastics in my back yard, but again, never took a lesson or did anything (except participated in a cheerleading group in 6th grade for our school levy).



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