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lazy copying of an email….

I write my good friend EVERY DAY so here’s the update I gave her. I STILL haven’t packed my linen closet….

Just wondered if you got my email today – I put a smiley in it and maybe your computer blocked it.

Attaching it below, just in case.

I didn’t get as much done today as I’d like (what else is new?) I was tired and stayed online a little too long, then got my shower and picked up living room. Picked up the laundry soap and right now am about to start some laundry. Got some water on for noodles to make mac & cheese for dinner (think I’ll make the kind with tomatoes and sauce in it too – yum!). Then if I have any energy left I’m going to pack up the linen closet, if the boys are behaving.

I’ll probably not write until later tomorrow after I hear back from you — going to try and do dailies early in the morning tomorrow after speech.

Love, d

Ryan just went off, and I have my short time planned πŸ™‚ Going to take a shower, and pack up my linen closet, and do some laundry. I already loaded dishwasher.

Glad you can see my different fonts πŸ™‚

We do pay for water now, but it is included in the utilities. There it is separate. I never remember to check how much our water actually is — our bill runs here about $150 normally (summer about $250, yuck!) and it consists of water, sewer, and electricity. There apparently it averages $50, $25 & $20, but I’m sure we’ll make it higher so I’m thinking same – about $150.

Thank you also for offering to help clean over there too on the weekends. My mom wants to help over there a lot too. I still am unclear when we’re getting the keys. From talking to Jackie on Friday I thought it was going to be any day mid week or so. Then when I called her today, she said, it’s in underwriting and could take 2-5 days before she gets it back?!? So it’s kind of strange… but either way, we def. should close by the 20th! I drove by the house also this morning and saw in the window that he still has all his stuff piled in the garage. So getting in there this weekend to load in boxes and clean may be premature. I just don’t know…..

but of course i still have PLENTY to do here! ha ha!

That’s so good how Nick can write everything in his classes. Can you remind me, is he in the class with the typical kids or is a CD class separate from other kids? Either way I’m so happy he’s doing well!

So far we’re not getting the shower stall from that place either. My mom had picked out a beautiful shower stall and bathtub she was hoping maybe we could put in our new basement bathroom, but it’s too big. Then we discussed putting in the laundry room (since there’s a door) but it would be outside the bathroom, and we decided that would be a little too odd for reselling, etc. But it would have been nice, in a way. We kind of discussed all week’s end last week and then let it go – it just sounded too strange. Rog wants to rebuild the shower stall downstairs and add a new floor. Either way, it’s probably going to be one of the toughest repairs to the home. Everything else so far is set to move in – but that shower can’t be used until it’s got a suitable surface for water. So Chris will have to use the upstairs bathroom at first when we move in, unless Rog gets it done quickly. It all depends on when we get the key.

With all the expenses so far being lower on the house we decided to get the dish network! I’m excited! it’s cheaper than the cable, but we’ll have 120 channels, and DVR. I’ll also have my The N. network that I like along with the preschool network of Noggin. I am very happy over that πŸ˜‰ But we won’t have VH1 Classic which I also like a lot. Oh well. We’ll save money over what we have now. We also get 3 months free of the service, because we’re switching from cable, AND we get free installation because we’re getting DVR, and we get 3 months free of the movie channels (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime) and I just have to remember to cancel those so we don’t get charged!! So it’s going to be fun.

Right now (I’m editing this now) they are playing Journey on Classic VH1 and I’m loving Don’t Stop Believin’. Do you remember that song? I love Journey.

Oh gosh your Thursday email reminded me – I’m out of wash detergent too!! So, guess I’m NOT doing another load of clothes. But I have PLENTY to put away. I’ll have to get some with Doreen today. I have to go to pick up Rog’s mileage check. I need to call and request it, – hopefully they’ll have it ready for me at 3:30.

Glad you got nice clothes at Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s! I’ll do some Christmas shopping there this year – I think it’s a good deal with the Kohl’s card at 15% off plus the 30-50-70% percent off sales they have. I usually go 1-2 times a year for those awesome sales.

Thank you for bringing 4 bags of candy -that sounds good. I’m not buying as much as last year – too darn tempting for me. I’m still holding at 169 – that’s about 16 pounds down but boy I’d like to lose more. I know I’m not drinking enough water nor eating enough veggies. The no sugar thing is still going well. I did just have tuna salad with broccoli, lettuce and tomato for lunch so that was good. But the bologna sandwich I had about 10 probably wasn’t good, as neither was the chocolate chip waffle I had for breakfast.

Well, if can even hold at 169 through the holidays that would be A WHOLE LOT BETTER than last yea when I was up to about 185 by January. (I was 169 last July of 04).

How is Rick doing? Keeping his weight off?

My leg never hurt anymore after Thursday – I do think it was this cold coming on. It’s a strange cold – very long and drawn out but never really severe. Probably explains why the kids still don’t seem to feel great, but they’re not horribly sick either.

Ryan was a crabcake yesterday. Oh my gosh. He got addicted to The I-Toy he was playing with colleen and threw a screaming fit whenever she stopped and tried to do her homework. Then he would hit the tv and throw things at it!! I put him in time out in the stroller and he crawled out of it when my back was turned! He was impossible. I was so glad Rog was home most of the day. But it was tough! He seems to be feeling better today. We took them out about 8 and rode up to MCD’s to get Ryan some fries (he won’t eat much variety and wouldn’t eat the scalloped potatoes, ribs and peas I made for dinner). So he fell asleep after eating them. Sweet boy….

Colleen’s band teacher called last night and did a phone conference with me because he wasn’t there Wed. He said she’s improving a lot especially with being on time. She did her practice report this weekend and was to turn it in today.

I’m going to email her new band teacher and find out if she can get music early to start practicing for the winter concert. She knows her music for this school but won’t be in the concert because we’re moving!!

I finally cleaned off Ryan’s hearing aids and put the cute little elephant stickers on them and put on the clip that holds them onto his shirt in case he pulls them out. Then I tried to put them on him yesterday and he THREW A FIT! I hoped he’d have better luck at Tina’s today but he didn’t do real well there either. The string the hearings aids are on now seem to bug him. SIGH. She said it may be a new learning curve for him now to just learn to handle those strings that it would have been good to have them from the beginning. But i didn’t get them until like a month afterwards at least. Oh well, he will get it, right!? I wonder too if his ears feel strange from his cold.

2020 noting this with interest that Ryan had terrible behavior issues at the time of a cold.  this goes along with my Pandas/Pans theories I mentioned before…. I do wonder….  clicked on my new pans/pandas category for that reason…

Sorry the cell phone went off in your purse! I don’t even remember what time I called and I didn’t mean to call at church time! I’m hoping maybe we can go back to church when we move. I just need to make time!!!

Thank you for answering those health questions for colleen – you are so sweet!! Hopefully I can help her get started on it tonight. I think I’ll have to get the name of who you gave them to and then she can write the report based on what answers you gave – thanks again!!!

I know my mom always talks about how sweet you guys are and how much help you give to us so I’m not surprised she chose you πŸ˜‰

6:35 bus -holy cow!! Chris gets on at 6:55, so yes, pretty early too. I get him up at 6:30. He doesn’t eat or anything because they like to do PECS training with him over breakfast (they teach him to ask for his food with icons and to not shovel the food in). So he just gets up, has his meds, and goes, pretty much. I get Colleen up at about 6:40 then and get her moving and we leave about 7:40. She takes longer….

You’ll have a busy night – I hope you have a quieter Tuesday too! I think mine will be relatively quiet. My mom is supposed to come help me on Wed. Hopefully I can have dailies all done and things caught up when she comes.

1:30 should work on Friday. Doreen will be here at 2:30. Rog will be off too. How about Rick, is he off or working??

Well, dear, I’d better start that linen closet – and with about 4 days since I’d written I still found a way to write a very long letter even with us visiting on Saturday

Love, d

2020 interesting to see the long emails I used to write.  Well before texting, Facebook, etc….

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