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From EyreAislynn

First best friend: Sue Ann
First car: ’81 Malibu
First date: well, WITH mom driving, Ray, 11th grade – he was sweet – held my hand. FIRST REAL DATE – my first REAL boyfriend, Andy C. (meaning, he drove, and well, see below)
First kiss: Well, I have to list 3 here. Someone dared a kid to kiss me in 5th grade- he did, but he didn’t like me. Then, my first real kiss was a on a greyhound bus coming home from AZ – he LIVED in AZ.  Then, my first real date, Andy C., gave me my first real kiss
First screen name: criscoll
First self purchased album: Amy Grant, probably. Straight Ahead???
First funeral: My paternal grandmother’s
First pets: Blackie (dog), Patches and Suzy-Q (cats)
First piercing/tattoo: Ears
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Christian singers off of Moody radio.

Last cigarette: 1985 – was smoking to be cool but never really learned how…
Last car ride: Today, from speech therapy of son’s.
Last kiss: About 3 weeks ago.
Last good cry: A week or so when it really kicked in that we were getting this house! One of those happy cries!
Last library book checked out: Colleen’s guinea pig book, I think.
Last movie seen In theaters: The Incredibles – I was in there for 10 minutes as I had to take Chris to the car.
Last beverage drank: Drinking Dr. Pepper DIET, CHERRY.
Last food consumed: Tuna, tomato, and broccoli salad, and about 20 M&M’s.
Last crush: Roger
Last phone call: Mom.
Last time showered: Saturday – going to get one soon as I finish this.
Last shoes worn: Tennis shoes.
Last cd played: Rich Mullins
Last item bought: groceries, including above m&ms.
Last annoyance: pop spilling all over next to my desk this morning.
Last disappointment: The house NOT closing yet.
Last time wanting to die: When Chris was so sick summer of 03.
Last time scolded: When my mom came over a few days ago and said house looked messy.
Last shirt worn: Striped beige shirt.
Last website visited: Live journal.
Last thing you said: Bye, Ryan.
Last song you sang: Twinkle Twinkle little star with Ryan last night. Rog was playing the guitar and Colleen the trumpet 🙂

What color socks are you wearing? White
What color of underwear are you wearing? Can’t remember ( ha!)
What’s under your bed? Video tapes (hiding from Ryan who throws them), and shampoos, conditioners, etc., (hiding from Chris, who dumps them in the shower).
What time did you wake up today? 6:00. early school bus….

Where do you want to go? Ireland, Australia, Austria, North Carolina, New York (relatives), AZ (relatives)
Where are you going to live? New house is only 2 miles away, still in N.E. Ohio. Still want to someday move to NC.
How many kids do you want? 3, I’m done!
What kind of car(s): I’m happy with our Chrysler minivan and Nissan Sentra. HOWEVER, a newer Sentra or Altima would be nice (DH’S car is going on 150,000 miles)

Current mood: A little lazy, and have a cold so that explains it?
Current music: NONE! VH1 Classic – right now, Guns & Roses and November Rain.
Current taste: Dr. Pepper
Current hair: As always, curly, all around my head.
Current clothes: Jeans and striped shirt and my shoes.
Current annoyance(s): None, really, this is my nice alone time. (about 2 hours a day 4 days a week, thank God for preschool).
Current desktop picture: Rock with autumn leaves and trees all around.
Current book: I just read one of my daughter’s babysitter’s club books… ha ha.
Current color of toenails: well, there’s blue on two of the toes that hadn’t worn off yet from June – I’m so gross. Usually, though, none.
Current hate: waiting for house to close.
Current love: my family, the Lord.

(x) been drunk
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
( ) kissed a member of the same sex
(x) crashed a friend’s car – well, NOT REALLY, but I did hit a bumper with my husband’s Camaro when we first started dating.
( ) been to Japan
(x) ridden in a taxi
(x) been dumped
(x) been fired
( ) been in a fist fight
( ) snuck out of my parent’s house
( ) ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
( ) ever dated someone of the same sex
(x) had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back
( ) been arrested
(x) made out with a stranger – yep, the above BUS GUY!
( ) stole something from my job
( ) celebrated New Years in Times Square
( ) gone on a blind date
( ) had a crush on a teacher
( ) celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
( ) been to Europe
( ) skipped school
( ) cut myself on purpose
(x) been married
( ) gotten divorced
(x) had children
( ) seen someone die – almost, I missed my dad’d death by 20 minutes as I’d come home to take a shower.
( ) been to Africa
( ) punched a friend
( ) traveled over 200 miles to attend a show/festival/concert
(x) been to Canada
(x) been to Mexico – just drove over the border briefly on the bus, going to AZ.
(x) been on a plane
(x) seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
( ) thrown up in a bar
( ) purposely set a part of myself on fire
( ) eaten sushi
( ) been snowboarding
( ) met someone in person from the internet
( ) been moshing at a concert
( ) had real feelings for someone you knew only online
( ) been in an abusive relationship
(x) been pregnant or got someone pregnant
( ) lost a child
(x) gone to college
(x) graduated college – want to go back, though.
(x) had sexual intercourse of any kind
( ) tried killing yourself
( ) taken painkillers
(x) love someone or miss someone right now

1. Nervous Habits? Rub my fingernails across my lips.
2. Are you double jointed? Yes.
3. Can you roll your tongue? Yes.
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? No.
5. Can you blow spit bubbles? Don’t know…
6. Can you cross your eyes? Yes.
7. Tattoos? No.
8. Piercings and where? One in each ear.
9. Do you make your bed daily? No

10. Which shoe goes on first? Right.
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? No.
12. On the average, how much money do you carry in your wallet? $1
13. What jewelry do you always wear? Usually earrings. I had worn my wedding ring for almost 23 years (including engagement ring) but the diamond fell out and the ring got too small, too.
14. Favorite piece of clothing? Comfortable shirt.

— FOOD —
15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Both.
16. Have you ever eaten Spam? Yes.
17. Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate or strawberry.
18. How many cereals in your cabinet? 6 or so on top of fridge.
19. What’s your favorite beverage? Cola.
20. What’s your favorite restaurant? Pizza Hut.
21. Do you cook? Yes. Well? Kind of.

22. How often do you brush your teeth? 1-2 times a day.
23. Hair drying method? Air.
24. Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? No

25. Do you swear? By accident.
26. Do you ever spit? Privately.

27. Animal? Cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, horses.
28. Food? Pizza.
29. Month? September/October.
30. Day? Monday.
31. Favorite Cartoon Character? Ziggy, Garfield.
32. Shoe Brand? No idea.
33. Subject in school? Art, choir, English (writing).
34. Color? Slate blue.
35. Sport? Gymnastics.
36. TV show? Degrassi the next generation/the O.C.

41. In the CD player? Probably Colleen’s Petz game – other computer – Ryan’s Toddler Jumpstart game.
42. Person you talk most on the phone with? Mom, Gayle, Rog, Lynn.
43. Ever taken a cab? Yes.
44. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? Sometimes.
45. What color is your bedroom? Beige.
46. Do you use an alarm clock? Yes, one in bedroom, one in bathroom.
47. Window seat or aisle? Window

48. What’s your favorite sleeping position? Left side.
49. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? No, sheet.
50. Do you snore? Often, more when I have a cold.
51. Do you sleepwalk? No.
52. Do you talk in your sleep? Don’t think so.
53. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? My care bear from 1984 that Rog gave me.
54. How about with the light on? No.
55. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? Not any more – used to.

saw on muffinsmom off of eireaislynn

Whichever you got most “yes’s” on is what you are…..put in the subject what you are…..

I’m a geek, ha! no surprise there!


1] Do you believe the south will rise again? no
2] Do you drive a four-wheel drive automobile? No
3] Do you live in a mobile home? No
4] Is your car still primer gray? No
5] Do you like country music? yes
6] Do you have a broken car in your back yard? No
7] Do you own a cowboy hat? Yes
8] Do you live on more then 2 acres? No
9] Do you have more then 4 different animals at your home? No – but we may when we move.
Total YES: 2

1] Do you wear black eyeliner?: Yes.
2] Is most of your clothing dark?: Some
3] Do you think about death often?: No.
4] Do you want to die?: No
5] Are you a social outcast?: no, but I used to be, I think.
6] Are you pale?: Yes
7] Do you like Hot Topic?: Don’t know….
8] Do you enjoy Tim Burton movies?: I don’t know???
9] Are you nice?: Kinda
Total YES: 3

–Skater Punk–
1] Can you skateboard?: no
2] Do you wear Vans?: No
3] Do you do stupid stuff with your friends? yes — well, I did.
4] Have you gotten in trouble with the Cops? No
5] Do you watch the x-games? No
6] Do you have any piercings?: Yes
7] Do you like/wear mohawks? No
8] Do you wear Band t-shirts: yes – did.
9] Have you called someone a poser? Yes.
Total YES: 4

1] Do you say the word “like”: yes
2] Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: no
3] Do you pop the collar? No
4] Do the people in Hot topic scare you?: No
5] Is the only nerd u like Seth Cowen? No
6] Do you watch LAGUNA BEACH? No
7] Do you like pop music: Yes
8] Do you want/have a little dog?: yes
9] Do you have friends from different cliques?: yes
TOTAL Yes: 4

1] Is your hair long?: no
2] Do you own a tye-dye shirt?: no
3] Do you want peace?: yes
4] Do you want to save the animals? Yes
5] Do you think war is unnecessary?: no
6] Is love essential in your life?: Yes
7] Have you smoked pot? no
8] Do you like classic rock and trippy music? yes
Total YES: 4

1] Do you act ghetto?: No
2] Do you wear do-rags?: No
3] Do you like hip-hop?: No
4] Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?: No
5] Do you believe he’s alive? No
6] Do you like Afros?: No
7] Have you ever said “Fo Shizzle”?: No
8] Do you like to dance?: Yes
9] Do you own any Baby Phat or G-Unit: no
Total YES: 1

1] Do you cry often?: Yes
2] Do you wear hoodies: yes
3] Do you like soft music: yes
4] Do people not understand you? yes
5] Do you write your own songs?: yes
6] Ever dyed your hair red, black or dark: no
7] Do you cut your hair: no
8] Are you lonely: no
9] Is Ohio for lovers?: ??I’m in Ohio but don’t get it….
Total : 5

1] Do you surf? No
2] Do you wear flip flops all year-round?: no
3] Is your hair shaggy?: No
4] Do you wake up before 6 every morning? no
5] Do you own any pairs of shorts?: yes
6] Are you tanned? No
7] Do you love the beach?: yes
8] Do you want to be at the beach right now?: Yes
9] Do you hate tourists?: No
Total YES: 3

1] Do you wear glasses: Yes
2] Do you get good grades?: yes – did
3] Do you use an inhaler?: yes
4] Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets? no
5] Does your mom pick out your clothes?: no
6] Are you on the computer often?: Yes
7] Do you ever get picked on?: yes – did.
8] Do you look forward to go to school?: yes, did.
9] Are you shy around the opposite sex?: yes, I was.
10] Do you have braces?: No

Total YES: 7 okay, off to shower, and pack!



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  1. haha, i’m so stealing this! i’m wicked bored and the weather is gray and drizzly and blah, so this is a perfect crappy afternoon activity! and yay for the babysiter’s club books, i used to LOVE those!

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