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You’re Ashley Kerwin! Rocker chick that’s very
calm, cool, and collected. Also maybe trying to
find yourself. You love to try new things.

Which DEGRASSI Character Are Ya??
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You’re Manny! You’re a great friend, always willing
to do things for others. You’re always happy,
sweet, romantic, and a bit innocent. Sometimes
you can be badly influenced by other people
though. You’re strong, you just need to
convince yourself. You fall for guys a bit
easily, which may get your heart broken. I know
you really feel like you love that guy, and
although he doesn’t have a problem hooking up
with you, a relationship is very unlikely. He’s
not worth your affections. But lately you’ve
had an attitude problem…and those sexy new
clothes won’t attract the kind of attention you
want, and you might get taken advantage of.
Don’t forget about those who stood by you,
before you got popular with the boys.

Which Degrassi Character Are You?
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You are just like Manny. You know what you want
and dont hesitate to get it. You make a really
good friend, but at times you get in over your
head. Just remember that friends are forever,
and your

Which Degrassi Girl Are You?
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You’re Ellie. You’re probably very independent.
You do what you like, when you want to do it,
and no one can tell you otherwise. You don’t
like offending people, but if you do, you
really don’t care. You’re a real individual,
and you like it like that. Just watch your
stress level. You’re only one person and
you’re not expected to be able to handle
everything at once.

What’s your Degrassi: The Next Generation Personality?
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Yes, I should be sleeping.

I CAN’T FIND the last Degrassi episode – it’s never on Limewire. I wish I could see it. And WE’RE NOT getting digital cable when we move, so will have to count on Limewire to see all of Season 5!!


(just kidding).

Goodnight — dori

3 thoughts on “Degrassi”

    1. It’s on digital cable, on a channel called The-N (the nighttime version of Noggin, which is a sister channel to Nickolodeon) It’s kind of a teen channel. However, it is actually not an original show to the-N, because they show it from a canadian channel – can’t remember if it’s CTV but it might be??

      We may be getting the Dish Network now at our new house – I HOPE SO because it looks like they have Noggin!!

      It’s kinda like the lives of all these teens and their families, and some of the parents are the actual actors from the first Degrassi episodes from the 80’s. They show them on limewire if you get that – it’s, probably, and you just search for degrassi episodes and you can watch some of the old, some of the new, whatever ones are listed at the time.

      1. oh yea, now that you mention it i think i HAVE seen a bit of an episode or a commercial for it or something on the N…i watch that channel for the daria reruns, haha…sounds like a good show!

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