I forgot to post that Colleen had strep all week. I am scared to death that Ryan and Chris will get it!! Chris and Colleen had it in ’99 and it was HORRIBLE! They gave it back and forth to each other 3 times.

But, it’s been 6 days since Colleen got sick and they show no sign. I pray they’re fine!!!

I don’t worry so much about Rog and I getting it, but of course I know it’s possible. I had it in 89 and it really didn’t hit me that hard at all. I have no tonsils, though – don’t know if that makes it more mild.



3 thoughts on “strep—”

  1. ugh, i just had strep a few weeks ago too, it was HORRIBLE! i used to get it all the time when i was a kid but i haven’t had it in a really long time…i hope noone else gets it and that colleen feels better!

    1. Yuck -are you feeling better now?

      Colleen was complaining again about her throat this morning but she aid it felt more like a cold. It may be, because the boys seems to be getting a cold now. They never did get a strep. And they say if you do have cold symptoms, it’s never strep.

      1. yep, i’m all better now, thanks! 🙂

        and i’ve always heard the same thing about strep too, that if you have any cold symptoms at all then it isn’t strep…i hope everyone feels better from their colds soon!

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