strep again?

We ended up taking Chris to the dr. to check on his rash he’s had since Saturday night. He said it was getting infected, and put him on antibiotics and told us to keep him home tomorrow. He also said he was unsure if it may have been caused by strep, since Colleen had it, and could not check his throat to look because Chris wouldn’t not open his mouth. So in 2 days we’ll know if it was strep, but he’ll be on antibiotics that will treat both strep and infected skin. He said if it is strep that could also cause the itchy rectum he’s been having too. Sigh.

I kind of don’t think he has strep as he doesn’t seem sick – but time will tell!

Now I just hope he doesn’t give it back to Colleen if it IS strep – that’s what happened in 99 and they passed it back and forth 3 times after each was done with the antibiotics….


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Quiet in the chaos

Just ate lunch, and got Ryan off on the bus. I need to get back to packing. But I just turned on some Christian songs off Windows Media Player and thought I’d write just a little. It was so nice to finally answer some comments – Thanks for writing everyone and your thoughts/prayers.

It is so hard to wait on this house!! But I know if it’s meant to be it will all work out. All the signs seem to be pointed for it to work out.

It had to go through several steps – and we’re almost done.

    • Offer on house. Did that sometime in August, with waiting for THAT to be accepted.
    • Counteroffered, was turned down, but the other offer was lower than asking. In detail, we offered 134,000 to the 142 asking (I think?) then they countered back at 139,000.
    • We thought about it for a while, then decided to offer 137,000 with appliances included.
    • After we decided to do this, but hadn’t picked up the phone yet, we found out that Chris’s school attendance was NOT a given, and this was right before labor day, on Friday.
    • Waited 5 excruciating days for the school to say YES, Chris can come!
    • Called, gave the counteroffer, and was called back and told, 139,000 WITH appliances. We accepted. A lot of prayer had gone into this, as we were a little worried about almost doubling our mortgage. We will have to get a second mortgage, also, to secure mortgage payments on our first house while we’re trying to sell it, AND to pay off our credit cards.
    • Went in to the broker selling the house, and did loan papers with him, waited a day or so, and he said we were approved. Was shocked we didn’t have to give any income information. Apparently some kind of loan a lot of self-employed people do. (About the 7th of September?)
    • Worried about the form the loan was in, which was called a stated income loan.
    • Had attorneys review the loan (this was in our contract, as we had strange feelings about it from the beginning. Was told it was probably FRAUDULENT.

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