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short update

things are fine – BUSY!

We went to Port Clinton on vacation last weekend and it was GREAT! Busy though – 3 kids, 2 with kinda special needs, tends to keep one running on vacation! Soon I’ll post a few pictures.

I decided NOT to go to school at this time. It was a very hard decision. However, we are talking MORE and M O R E about moving, and that overwhelms me anyway (12 years in this same house and our possessions increasing during that time from those of 3 people (one a 2 year old) to those of 5 people (14 year old, 11 year old, and 3 year old children), and that makes a big difference when moving!! So we’ve been seeing houses and planning when and if and where to move, so school on the top of that just seemed too much. So once again it’s on the back burner.

More of an update soon — the summer is flying by!

I have lost 7 1/2 pounds now.


9 thoughts on “short update”

    1. Thank you!

      By the way, I love your pictures and your last set was wonderful as always – can’t believe how big Carlie is! i’m also enjoying your pictures of you as a youngster – you look like her! I plan to soon scan some old pix of me. Will post them then.

  1. Sounds like you had fun, and on a diet to boot *grin*!

    Lots of things going on for you right now. The time will come when you can go back to school, but try not to put yourself last all the time.

    1. Yep, still on the diet. I hope I can keep up – last year I dieted May 2 – August 15 or so (vacation!) and lost 18 pounds. Now it’s been May 18 to present and I’ve lost about 7 pounds or so (the 9 pounds lost I’d stated in the post after this was since FEBRUARY.)

      I know, I always put myself last.

  2. congrats on the 7 1/2 lbs!
    and good luck with moving, i’m goin thru the EXACT same thing right now, leaving my home of 12 years with a truckload of crap (lol) so i can sympathize!

    1. Did you move yet? How ironic it’s 12 years like me! Where did you live before? Still in NH? I have always lived in Ohio with the exception of AZ for 6 weeks in 1983. I have moved 13 times and can’t believe I’ve lived in one place now for 12 years (I’m sick of it!).

      Thanks – 9 pounds now – hope more by Sat.!

      1. nope, havent moved yet…soon i hope! i hate being in transition like this… 🙁

        we lived in peabody MA before here…this is the longest i’ve ever lived anywhere too, ill miss it!

        good luck on the weight loss!


        1. When I typed legal transcripts for Boston I typed Peabody and asked my boss how to spell it. I’m from Ohio, she’s from Boston, but lives in Florida. I was talking on the phone. I said Pee-body like those two separate words, and she said, no, Peeebudee or something. with the emphasis on the first and third syllable. Then Worcester REALLY cracked her up — we have a WOOSTER here that’s pronounced Wooster exactly like it’s spelled. Well, when I hear Worcester on the tape I spelled it Wooster. Yep. Never dreamed Wor-ces-ter would be pronounced Wooster….

          1. ahahahaha o i know, i hear ya on that…when i was little, before i lived there i thought it was pea-body too, plus i thought it was really silly and hilarious cuz it had “pee” in the name, haha (i was like 5)…but yea it’s PEE-buh-DEE…and i had a lot of trouble with worcester too when i was younger…especially worcestershire sauce…i pronounced it WOR-chest-er-shire sauce hahaha…everyone just stared at me. and laughed. (again, i was like 5) 🙂

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