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Time: Wednesday, 3/9/2005 8:31:31 PM (#66445)
User: dori

Comments: hello – thanks for prayers and thoughts! After discussing, we decided not to do this at this time, but to really start spending some time researching facilities in this area so that we are more prepared when they call again (which they will – Chris will keep this top spot and when the next opening occurs they call us back). We just would feel more comfortable with more researching being done in the placement – 2 days just isn’t long enough to decide. I also am concerned with what I’m reading about Governor Taft cutting funding to ICFMR facilities (which is what this was) and want to learn more about how the private facilities are funded. I wanted to post a site about it, but the screen froze loading the pdf, so I’ll be back with it….

dori, very sick (ugh) and not quite up to all this today…. please continue to pray for us!

(2020 these links are no longer valid)  Chris got the I/O Waiver in 2011.  Ryan got the I/O waiver in 2018.


I can’t believe I didn’t know about this….


Time: Wednesday, 3/9/2005 8:44:04 PM (#66447)
User: dori

Comments: I agree with having a waiver program in place for home services. We are on a waiting list for this (and were told last year that the wait may be 20 years). We were on the wait list also for the ICFMRs, which is the type of opening that came up today. We were on both lists for the same amount of time (3 years). So while we would love to have the first kind of waiver (40 hours of help in the home per week instead of the 14 we have now), the wait is ridiculous, and to think of this going through and adding ALL the people on the second list that are in ICFMRs now is just mind-boggling!


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