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Something’s missing, don’t know what. Some cool surveys, though.

I just want to do something different but don’t know what. I’m happy, but… oh, I don’t know. I love my kids, my husband. I love being a stay at home mom. But my dreams of school seem to be on hold again. It’s so hard. I know my kids come first. Here’s some postings from my moms group which just say more about all that

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Comments: I’m going to try and STOP talking about my decision stuff SO much after this because I think you’re all getting sick of it. But I need to just reply a bit more to stuff from the past few days. THEN I’LL STOP so you don’t kill me :P. So I’ll try and keep it short and first will just update you on the present.

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posts from my moms group….

KIM, thanks for your comments – you got me thinking about school again and about a conversation Rog and I had a few days before. I am not DEF. going to school in the fall. I’d LIKE to but things would have to be a lot different in a short time. Chris needs LOTS of work, and so do the other kids. Our house is getting a lot better on organization but it takes a lot of time and there’s two more rooms to remodel so that will bring more chaos. I’m simply going to gather information so I’m ready when the time comes. Do our financial aid papers, apply, etc. My gut feeling is that I won’t go until at least winter. It may be not until 2007 when Ryan starts kindergarten. Just don’t know!

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a little update finally —

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it is a lazy Sunday and I have SO much cleaning to do.

Last I wrote Chris was having a VERY VERY VERY bad time. We had an awful 4 months – February – sinus infections, ear infections with ear injury from hitting; March, 2 ear surgeries, missed most of the whole month off of school, plus drug reaction to Seroquel/Risperdol and withdrawal; April, entire month, I believe, from school, just about (he may have gone a week or so), had 1-2 more sinus infections; May, Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy, and finally had to start more meds as he was still being aggressive, self-injurious, and very very upset and not sleeping at all hardly (like 3-4 hours every few days is all); and June started horribly as well but FINALLY last 3-4 days his new meds (Tenex) is kicking in and he’s sleeping a little more and is seeming happier. FINALLY.

(2020 pans/pandas)

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