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I MUST UPDATE SOON. Prayers for Chris, however, GREATLY appreciated. Things have deteriorated so much we’re considering other placement for him….. sad. SURVEY HERE, mindless but distracting and kinda fun ๐Ÿ™‚

another 2020 note to check more about any infections, fevers, possibly linked to Pans/Pandas.

First best friend: Sue Ann
First date: Well, if you don’t count two in high school where my mom drove and came along — October, first year of college, with my first real boyfriend, where we first went to his favorite bar (blah) and then he took me dancing at my favorite dance place (yeah!).
First real kiss: on a grey hound bus when I was 18, with a totally cute cool guy from AZ (who was going BACK to AZ after he visited family in Minnesota, and I on the other hand was headed home to Ohio).
First break-up: My first crush in 10th grade – he broke my heart a week after he wrote me gorgeous poetry and told me he loved me forever. Before that though I “un”seriously “went with” this kid in 7th grade – I broke HIS heart.
First job: A family restaurant in my high school town. UGH. The people were SO mean.
First screen name: criscoll
First self purchased album: Probably Donny Osmond with Puppy Love on it in like 4th grade.
First funeral: My dad’s mom, in 4th grade.
First pets: Pretty much all at once in 5th grade, when we moved: a dog, Blackie; cats, Patches & Suzie-Q; birds, Bonnie & Clyde; and some fish that died.
First piercing/tattoo: Ears, age 37.
First credit card: Firestone auto repair, college.
First true love: Chuck in 10th grade.
First enemy: Patty L. in 1st grade (she ripped my shirt and called me fatty)
First big trip: Arizona. 6th grade, 12th grade.


Last cigarette: Summer 1985, I think. I loved them, but too much, so said, okay, never again (I had just tried them maybe in 84 and never really bought a pack, just bummed them off people at parties). Never learned to inhale.
Last big car ride: North Carolina vacation, 1997. Awesome (except for the flu we all had in a row and Chris threw up in the car on the way down).
Last kiss: hubby ๐Ÿ™‚
Last good cry: A few days ago, over Chris’s illness and behavior and stuff I’ll explain here sometime soon (very hard stuff)
Last movie seen: Rugrats in Paris (theatre). But last movie at all was something on cable yesterday with Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy (cute honeymoon movie).
Last beverage drank: Water.
Last food consumed: DH’S South Beach Diet friendly ๐Ÿ™‚ grilled tuna, grilled hamburgers, asparagus, sweet potato, and chocolate covered strawberries (yum!)
Last crush: dh
Last phone call: Probably MIL.
Last time showered: Last night.
Last shoes worn: Sandals.
Last cd played: Hmmm, can’t remember. Might have been FFH.
Last item bought: Food at Giant Eagle and Marc’s. Want to go buy a Kohl’s backpack purse REALLY bad (hopefully this week at their sale).
Last annoyance: Refrigerator drawer breaking. But I think we fixed it…
Last disappointment: Chris’s behavior.
Last time wanting to die: Over Chris’s behavior and health. Let’s just say it’s a very good thing I am a Christian and have hope in eternity.
Last shirt worn: Red and white striped one, now.
Last website visited: IVillage.


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