Old house pictures

I spent this morning taking some pictures of the house here as some moms on this moms group I’m on wanted to see it. They’re actually doing a video but I don’t know if I’ll have time to do that before we move. So I took a bunch of new pictures here http://www.criscollrj.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=12 . I am a little aggravated though, with coppermine – I may eventually try and find a new picture site. I get aggravated because I named all the pictures about you can’t see the names and descriptions when you run the slideshow. What good is that? And I don’t know how to change the order either. Oh well…. sigh. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Yuck – cold. Drip. Sneeze. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Ryan is off now, and I had some lunch – leftover pork and potatoes and sauerkraut. I am going to go off and do the pantry. I must do that today. I did pack up the linen closet yesterday and did the dishes. Yeah me!

I just have to go to bank and then go grocery shopping. I was supposed to go with him to the bank after speech but I just realized I forgot to. I also have to pick up Chris’s pills. So I’ll have a busy time with Doreen! I think we’ll just go to Aldi’s.

Day four now of underwriting AGAIN – I have never waited this long before at one time. Last time it went through underwriting in 2 hours. The time before, 3 days. I may have to call them soon. There is absolutely nothing new on the web site of our account since Oct. 6.

I have to run now — i’ll probably be on a posting break for quite a while. I have too much to do and have been on the computer too much.

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We found out we can’t use Rog’s mileage income for the loan, because it’s not taxed!! (They never send us a 1099 or anything!) So they’re trying to put nickels and dimes together between income and expenses to make our loan go through! It’s a difference of a few dollars of making or not making it!! Ugh!

I should know by tomorrow for sure. I’m so nervous.

Just praying.

I don’t think Chris has strep, he doesn’t seem that sick – but I’ll find that out tomorrow too. And Chris’s rash looks a lot better!

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strep again?

We ended up taking Chris to the dr. to check on his rash he’s had since Saturday night. He said it was getting infected, and put him on antibiotics and told us to keep him home tomorrow. He also said he was unsure if it may have been caused by strep, since Colleen had it, and could not check his throat to look because Chris wouldn’t not open his mouth. So in 2 days we’ll know if it was strep, but he’ll be on antibiotics that will treat both strep and infected skin. He said if it is strep that could also cause the itchy rectum he’s been having too. Sigh.

I kind of don’t think he has strep as he doesn’t seem sick – but time will tell!

Now I just hope he doesn’t give it back to Colleen if it IS strep – that’s what happened in 99 and they passed it back and forth 3 times after each was done with the antibiotics….

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I forgot to post that Colleen had strep all week. I am scared to death that Ryan and Chris will get it!! Chris and Colleen had it in ’99 and it was HORRIBLE! They gave it back and forth to each other 3 times.

But, it’s been 6 days since Colleen got sick and they show no sign. I pray they’re fine!!!

I don’t worry so much about Rog and I getting it, but of course I know it’s possible. I had it in 89 and it really didn’t hit me that hard at all. I have no tonsils, though – don’t know if that makes it more mild.


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hey -when I think it can’t get any more nuts – Chris is DONE with school, has swimmer’s ear (mild, though) AND is having his ABR sedation hearing test tomorrow.

Think of us if you will – I always get a little worried with sedation even though he’s had it numerous times, Ryan’s had it 2x and Rog has had it once or twice to….

thanks — more soon – dori, who is not breathing and just waiting for school to start so she can breathe, a LITTLE.

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Thank you!

Several of you wrote posts tome lately – I really appreciate it! I may not answer for a few days. Chris has a topical skin infection so he’s home from school. Please pray for him – he’s had this several times (5-6 times since 2003) and 2 times he’s been hospitalized with it. It doesn’t look like it this time but we’re still nervous….

And Colleen has been sick with the same cold that caused Chris this cold and infection – she still doesn’t feel great, but doing okay. She also fell down off our office chair and fractured a small part in her wrist – she goes to the bone dr. tomorrow.

My mom is coming over any minute – she’s spending the night and helping me. I am so thankful for her, and my inlaws (my MIL helped me yesterday) and my husband!

but of course it’s times like these I wonder – how the HECK do I go to school?

I’ll update more soon…. dori

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birth date (thanks,Angela!)

Your Birthdate: February 22
While sometimes employing unorthodox approaches, you are capable of handling large scale undertakings.

You assume great responsibility and work long and hard toward completion.

Often, especially in the early part of life, there is rigidity or stubbornness, and a tendency to repress feelings.

Idealistic, you work for the greater good with a good deal of inner strength and charisma.

An extremely capable organizer, but likely to paint with broad strokes rather than detail.

You are very aware and intuitive.

You are subject to a good deal of nervous tension.

Cool. That’s pretty much me.

I did my financial aid form today. It looks initially like our income is too high for a full coverage. This is a problem! I’m going to wait and do a special conditions appeal once the college receives it (because last year, I was on unemployment, and had to put that on the form, but there was no space to say that I no longer receive it). Maybe that will be enough to qualify me. I can also apply for some scholarships.

I have a cold – we all do. Blach


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A little runaway

Good morning! I hope you all had a good Easter if you celebrate. We had a wonderful dinner, then had some interesting moments in the evening! I’ll describe them in a minute.

We made a delicious glazed ham with pineapple and brown sugar, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, biscuits, and peach pie. Devilled eggs too. We also drank a whole bottle of sprite. And we ate plenty of candy!

We also had 3 fun easter egg hunts. Ryan even found an egg!

So we stayed home all day. About 6 I had Colleen go outside and play with Ryan for a while. He did have a cough still all day but seemed to be feeling all right. They were playing ball and stuff.

Next thing I knew, almost simultaneously, Rog said, look at that little kid running down the sidewalk – wait, it’s Ryan! And I heard Colleen shouting RYAN! So I went running out and down the street and as soon as he saw me he laughed and started running into the street! Luckily there were no cars coming and I got the little stinker. I went home and saw that the gate was open. Colleen swore she tied it after she put her bike away like 5 hours earlier. I also think it was locked because Chris had been outside walking around and I kept checking from the window. So my hypothesis is that she didn’t tie it tight enough, and he just pushed on it enough to loosen the rope and get out. But I’ll never know…. Thank God he wasn’t hit by a car – gives me chills.

Then I just held him and after a while he felt like he was running a fever again. He fell asleep on my lap at 7:30 and I put him to bed (tried to give him Motrin but he wouldn’t take it — his temp was 101.5 so not horrible). This morning at 5:15 he got up and seemed warm still – I didn’t take the temp but just gave him the Motrin and we got up and went in the living room45 minutes later and the temp was about 101 or so. So obviously it was higher before but I don't know how much. He’s still coughing a lot. I called the dr. and he’s going in at 10:20 today. No one else is sick at this point.

So the next interesting thing to happen is when we were playing with spice and I was attaching her old wheel back in the new cage (it’s bigger and more suited to a Syrian hamster) I noticed a loose wire from the cage at the bottom. So Colleen and I taped it and put toilet paper all along the tape on the inside, but I think we may have to replace it again or maybe if possible solder the wire back in place? I was so glad she didn’t escape last night – I think she was too excited about having her old big blue wheel back!


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