A parade of memories!

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Watch out, you’re going to be seeing lots of old pictures!! I just started to upload my own that are on my own computer (a whole directory of our “friends” pictures of us and their family) and then in the middle my Yahoo pictures started uploading from the Yahoo-Flickr move a lot of you may have heard of (many of the years 2002-2003).

So, a whole lot of organizing and categorizing coming up in the future! I love looking at our old pictures 🙂

This is Ryan, one year old birthday party!

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Colleen’s 13th birthday party

I feel remiss that I didn’t take more pictures! I did take a lot of video! By next year our video camera should be digital (we’re saving for one!) so by then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway – we had a very nice gathering at Mama’s and Papa’s, and delicious food and wonderful company. Colleen got very nice gifts and we shared yummy hot dogs, barbecue pork, salads, and cake and other yummies! It was a rainy day so we visited inside.

Thank you all that came and made it a wonderful 13 for Colleen!

Not to confuse anyone – I also uploaded her 12th birthday picture as they were not on here (I started this site right after her birthday last year, like in August or so). So they actually appear first on the list unless I’ve changed their order by then…. To see the 13th birthday pictures just click on that set. [I’m trying to add everything to sets now].

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Birthday week


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Ryan had such a busy week he slept behind me last night in the chair while I was typing =) He had his birthday last Thursday (and it was mine too!) and then was just busy playing all weekend. He fell asleep today again for 4 hours – and guess who else did – me – from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.! This means I should be able to stay up LATE toight and type my job – right? Right? So off I go 😉

New birthday pics on the picture timeline –


Colleen is 12

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI can’t believe how grown up she is!


I see LJ has a new photo site – I didn’t figure it out yet.  Anybody done “scrapbook” yet?  One of the new perks of this new Sponsored membership I have, but no time to figure it, so I’ll stick to Photobucket for now 😉

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My little girl is 12!

Hard to believe, she turned 12 yesterday. We had a birthday party for her. I was going to describe the whole day but now am too tired- it’s 11:00 and finally my kids are asleep and I think I’m going to hit the hay too! But maybe I can post tomorrow.

Thank you all for continuing to post to me. Check out my new background – it had been a while since I switched!

Love, dori

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a grumpy birthday for me

We of course all are still very sad about the loss of our Spice but not thinking about it every day anymore. We love our lent (from mom) guinea pig Reese and we are still talking about getting a little dog (another yahoo group to join to see what kind to get for the kids, etc.).

I had a bunch of work since wed. so was busy typing typing typing. My mom was here 3 days helping me. She just came over to celebrate our birthdays (me and Ryan on Wed. the 22nd) and ended up staying until Friday night while I typed and she cleaned. She’s a sweetie! She went home last night so of course I should now be cleaning but here I sit. I’m TIRED!

Wed. was our birthdays, like I said, and my mom did a lot to make it a special day. She got us cupcakes and took me for a subway sandwich. She also brought me new clothes, and ryan a cute puzzle, and bought us (along with my uncle) a new dehumidifier. Rog and his family are celebrating my birthday next week. I haven’t given Ryan any of his presents either. We’re having the party on March 3, I think. I did appreciate Rog sending me an email card as did some of my friends. But I was still kinda grumpy…. grrr. But I knew I had to take the work as no other money is coming in! Luckily though Rog is supposed to start a night cleaning job next week. Just about 15 hours a week.

Rog is at an interview. I sure hope he gets a job SOON! He is getting some interviews. We balance each other – when I’m too peppy and upbeat he gives me a reality check, I hope that when he’s down I cheer him up. We love our music, and goofy old tv shows, and we make each other laugh. And he’s hard working and a great dad.

I admit when I worked, I actually felt like it was EASIER at times. Get in the car, drive 2 boys to day care (after daughter walked down the street to her babysitter), drive 45 minutes while listening to my religious show of devotional speaking, get tasks done at work and actually get complimented for it (most of the time, until the end when I was fired for absenteeism at the end due to sick kids) and have a whole hour lunch where I did paperwork or ran errands, or just SAT, or even WALKED on a nice summer day), then finish the day and drive home and just watch kids for 2-3 hours. Of course it was hard with the housework, and no time with kids, and extra take out and convenience foods draining the budget, etc., but the actual DAY, WORKING at the job? No kidding, it was probably easier.

if you’re still with me, thank ya — I feel better.

now off to do massive cleaning with my head a little more cleared out than before.


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check it out!

check it out!!


I have had fun with this — changed web servers (half my site is still down) but I have had a lot of fun playing with this coppermine photo gallery from Fantastico that my web server offers (just think I had never even heard of any of this 1 month ago….)


wow, I just remembered today is my dad’s birthday. Happy 74th birthday Dad, you would have been so proud of your grandchildren…. you can see your third one from heaven, little Ryan!!

(Dad died 10-16-97)


high school stereotype…

spice is still gone. 🙁

had a real nice birthday party with family today though for me and Ryan today – more, and pictures, later!

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