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Colleen’s 13th birthday party

I feel remiss that I didn’t take more pictures! I did take a lot of video! By next year our video camera should be digital (we’re saving for one!) so by then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway – we had a very nice gathering at Mama’s and Papa’s, and delicious food and wonderful company. Colleen got very nice gifts and we shared yummy hot dogs, barbecue pork, salads, and cake and other yummies! It was a rainy day so we visited inside.

Thank you all that came and made it a wonderful 13 for Colleen!

Not to confuse anyone – I also uploaded her 12th birthday picture as they were not on here (I started this site right after her birthday last year, like in August or so). So they actually appear first on the list unless I’ve changed their order by then…. To see the 13th birthday pictures just click on that set. [I’m trying to add everything to sets now].

(2020 – not sure if above is about Flickr — at this point I don’t have a Flickr sidebar on my blog but will leave that there in case I ever put it back — )

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