Starting Weighdown again.

I haven’t really focused on my food plan much at all this year. I may have stayed on Food Mover for once or twice for a week and lost 2 pounds or so. Luckily with all my activity and the steep stairs here I’m not in big trouble, but I am ready to take off some weight again. I’ve gained about 11 pounds back altogether since Christmas.

I felt led to try a Weigh Down/eat when hungry approach. I also watched Tyra Banks’ show on her “Tyra’s Tidbits” and felt inspired by that how she lost 10 pounds eating whatever she wanted but in tiny portions.

So I’ve started today – waited for hunger, then ate eggs with vegetables and orange juice. Took my Strattera (day 4, no shakes!) and brushed my teeth. Now off for a walk.

dori, 177.5/177.5/125.

(last year I was up to 184, year before 187, so I did good only gaining 11 pounds this time! But I was 166 at Christmas — sigh)

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