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I am planning to start this today:  (NOTE it is Christian-based, so you are warned before you click…)

I may order some of the materials when I can, but I know I can do this for a while even without that.

I followed the “Weigh Down” principles from 1999-2002 and managed to lose and pretty much keep off about 25-30 pounds and was pregnant with Ryan after and delivered him and then went back to my pre-pregnancy weight. The problems started when I abandoned the principles in late 2002 when I got bored with it and stressed out when I went back to work.

Then I discovered Weigh Down’s fundamental “religious” principles were flawed and the leader pretty much was put down in shame by all the churches and her program is now rare to find in a church.

But I had found this Thin Within program which I see has been around since the 70’s, that is very similar, but seems to have a much more sound Biblical based foundation that is not laid into a cult.

Anyway, I hope to have similar success to what I did in the late 90’s and am starting today — waiting for hunger and stopping before full!

(Brushing my teeth and drinking water between meals always helped me…)

(my old weigh down, etc. diary):

2020 these blog entries are now incorporated into this blog, but that blog is still viewable.

3 thoughts on “Thin within”

  1. I found your site by doing a google search for “thin within” blog. Just curious to see if you’re still on your Thin Within journey and how it’s working for you. Are you still following the plan? Take care.

  2. Hi – thank you for writing! I need to refresh on it – I KNOW it will work as I did it on Weighdown in 1999. Thank you for making me reflect on myself and that I really need to do this. I will visit your site — blessings!

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