Ryan, transcription


(2020, ha ha no one needs to know that this picture was from APRIL of 2020 – wow what a lot of snow for April!!! – I seem to not have many pictures from 02 & 03 of 2006)…

User: dori

Comments: grrrr, there is a curse on me. I’m starting to wonder about this work at home thing. i finally got work after expecting it Friday night, and that job falling through for the company. I expected the work Mon.. night but didn’t get any until 10:30 yesterday. (I wanted to work straight through 8:30 – 11:30) So by the time it downloaded it was 11:00 (Ryan gets home at 11:45). So I typed for 45 minutes. Then I hoped all day yesterday to type here and there maybe totaling another 2 hours, but I only got 10 minutes in (Ryan rips the headphones off my ears when he’s home – he only wants to be with ME!). So then I waited until he went to sleep and I started typing at about 10:45 p.m. after i got a shower. I typed until 12 and then Chris got up for some reason and wouldn’t leave me alone! He kept pulling on my arms until I got up. Rog was just getting to bed but said he’d stay up with Chris that I should get some sleep. [I think Chris went right back to sleep after, that, though, so that was good]

Then I set the alarm for 4 but overslept until 4:30. I typed for about 15 minutes and who is up and pulling my headphones off? Ryan. I tried to get him back to sleep, but no luck. I think right now he’s finally (at 6:10) settled somewhere for a minute so I hope to type for 5 minutes but then I have to get the older kids off.

At least I’ll have 3 hours when he goes to school. It’s not long enough, though, to get it all done. It’s due at 3 p.m. but I’ll have ryan from 11:30-3.

This is when I wonder if I should get him in day care 3 hours a day? I know Rog will try and watch him, it’s just that Ryan knows where I am and escapes ad runs and finds me. I need a door on the office! One day I’ll say, “where is that boy that always wanted to be with me…. I miss him.”  (2020 – prophetic….  🙁  )