ho ho ho

ha ha -well, now I don’t have any work. The transcription company said the law firm couldn’t transfer their tapes over to digital after all so it’s going to take longer now to get the work out to us. So -maybe I’ll be able to write a long post Sunday after all!

love, d



St. Patrick’s Day blessings, amidst the continuing madness

Hi everyone. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! This day means a lot to me because 11 years ago when we were the owner of two homes (first one was rented out, and the people defaulted) someone bought that home today 11 years ago, laying cash on my kitchen table. I was 7 months pregnant with Colleen, and I cried! It meant I could have a maternity leave instead of going right back to work after 2-3 weeks.

Then today we got our income tax check early! I did put some away in my own account. AND I got some work this weekend to do – a legal transcript – I haven’t done one in 4 years. I’m just doing 90 minutes or so of audio – probably 6-8 hours of work. Kids have weekend camp for 4 hours tomorrow so that will be a bulk of it (they go 2x a month to the local MRDD center – Colleen volunteers).

So we’re okay – I’ll probably be too busy to post until early next week, this project is due Monday.

love, d