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finding vibes, please!

I LOST RYAN’S HEARING AIDS. I can’t find them anywhere. I know I brought them in the house; I remember taking them off of him (he has a clip) and I always put them in this one drawer, and they’re not there! I just looked through the whole house twice and am so aggravated. I don’t know if he took them out and was playing with them yesterday when I was working? I had to work like 1 1/2 hours more after he got home (not a good thing) and I hope he didn’t get into them and destroy them…. though I never once saw him with them. I just don’t know. (He takes them off when he gets home from school).

Ugh, so happy Rog has work now (same place since sept. 00). I’m going to keep my foot in the door with the jobs and do a little bit ($50 a month or so) just in case he gets laid off again. But right now, super. We’re having fun together, too.

Please send “finding” vibes my way for those hearing aides!

Love, dori


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Can I have the award of having accomplished the most in 24 hours 😉


got everything ready for kids to go back to school
got all my dishes washed
cleaned Ryan’s room
did a lot of laundry
studied how to do my first file for the transcription company TTC this morning.
Stayed up until 1 a.m. doing necessary reading and emails
got up at 6
got kids to school, but then took a half hour nap
did my file, my first file, took twice as long as they wanted but was still told I did a good job
did more dishes, started dinner
was offered another file, but turned it down.

I’m tired! The rest of the house is still trashed. I think I’m in bed at 9:30 tonight if possible!

Things are steady, we’re working hard, and I’m glad things are back to normal a bit…

blessings, dori


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still alive…


I’m either working, researching working, or updating my computer for work. Wow! I’m taking some breaks this week (spring break!) and getting a haircut and trying to clean the house, but still have to review instructions on two new jobs I’m starting after that! For part time work I’m sure spending a lot of time…. but it’s a learning curve.

DH has a bunch of work now! We’re going to get a shed, a new computer (since I’m on this one all the time for work now!) and some new locks for our doors (to keep Chris from running across the street in this nicer weather!).

Hope everyone’s well, haven’t even read in ages.  (2020, I’m sure this referred to a mom’s group I was on since 1996, that I still keep up with now on Facebook!)

love, d


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up early? NA, THERE’S A TIME CHANGE – it’s later than you THINK!

Ha! I got up at 5 to start my depo proofing (I’m weird and actually like getting up early – though I do feel the start of a cold from my sleep kinda being untypical lately – like staying up until 1 Friday night typing, sleeping until 7 on Saturday, then falling asleep at like 9 last night, sleeping until 12, trying to get up and proofread, then my son getting up and my having to go get him back to sleep, then getting up at 5 with the alarm (trying to take advantage of that time when he’s asleep don’cha know!)

Well, I looked with surprise at my computer and it said 6:30 (I’d been leisurely in the bathroom, checking my email, getting a cup of tea for the sore throat, for half hour before I looked at it) and I was discombobulated for a minute before I remembered, oh, spring ahead. Back to standard time here in the “northeastern midwest” of Ohio.