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bragging ;) files/type-align.html

and the start of my husband’s business site…. files//brightness.html

[note from 2010 – we don’t really practice the brightness.html business at this time – and I am on a minimum mode with type-align but if anyone is interested in transcription, let me know what your turnaround time need is and I will consider your terms.]

(additional 2020 -wow, can’t believe those business sites still open!  will have to get them on our line-bright site in some fashion — ironically starting transcription again shortly after a 9 year break….)

fun fun!

I don’t really want more business right now but getting my name out a little may not be a bad thing in case this job would get too slow or not work out. I did a business card too with that same logo on it and my husband made his own also with the logo on his web site (he actually made his card first and I stole the logo off it and put on the site).

dori, who has to get back to typing CD #2 of 3 due Tuesday…


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Thanks, Heather, for alerting me to this —

check this out, guys

Check that out.. put in your addy + it’ll show you a map of where the sex offenders are near you. Click on one of the red boxes (offenders) + it’ll tell you their name, what they look like, what they did + when.”

And, am I the only idiot that forgets for entries on end to put “friends” only? I just changed like 10 entries from public to friends. I’m going to have to see if there’s a default for that…..

(2020 obviously above is a reference to LiveJournal — this was a friends-only blog on there.  I actually had to delete a lot of stuff to make this a public blog….)

dori, who’s proud to say she typed 2/3 of a CD at 6:00 a.m…..

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Yay I got 3 more CD’S! He paid me $25 and said next time (Tuesday) he’ll have me sign non-compete/confidentiality agreement and start me on the 1099 system via checks. I guess he liked the work!!!

I was so embarrassed – he asked me to print out my copy of what I typed and I explained we’re buying printer cartridges today – that it might look bad. It did look pretty bad — he seemed to understand. It was all blurry and smearing.


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He’s not sure what he really wants to do but at this point needs to just get something fast. We’re really hoping once Ryan goes to school I can work more and then he’ll work less and go back to school. He’s got to settle what career he’s going to do but he needs more schooling. So this next job he gets will probably be just another “job” and not his career, but who knows….

Amazingly I have been offered this job:
SECRETARY Part-time. Work from home preparing marketing materials. Exc. typing, organizational, computer proficiency in Word, Power Point, E-mail/internet.
that I applied for today in the News-Herald via email! I just have to pick up my StartStop pedal from the other house and make sure it’s compatible to this computer in transcribing CD’S. I can’t believe it. I probably will be working 10 hours a week. Rog is going to help me until he finds a job.

Wow, who would have known?

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don’t want to remember the big job hunt days…

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haven’t been reading, things are nuts. Newest news:

Ohhh boy. Rog called his workplace and was directed to call his supervisor on his supervisor’s cell phone. Turns out Jeff his supervisor, along with another person doing the same kind of thing at the workplace, were laid off. There’s no work in sight. So Rog is out job hunting. He’s not technically lost his job or anything, but with no work and all these layoffs, it doesn’t look good. He’s worked 5 days since the beginning of December. Luckily we had saved up during the “fat” times but now that the lean times have been here quite a while we’ve almost used it up. I’m glad we were wise enough to save….

I have been thinking of something too. With my family situation I hesitate to look for a permanent job, but I did call the temporary agency Robert Half Legal that I worked for back in 2003 (I did a 6 week assignment for them before that full time job I had for 6 months). I asked if I wished to, may I be put on a list to be called for temporary assignments. He said yes. I said is there any penalty if I turn down an assignment and he said no. So if Rog doesn’t find a job in a week or two I think I may sign up with them again. My name is in their system. I did not sign up, yet.

I’m also going to call back this other attorney that called me sometime last year asking for temporary help. I’m going to see if they still need someone.

I told Rog maybe the Lord has something better in store now now that we’ve moved – that he used the other job to get us this house (you know, long term job placement – he was there for almost 6 years). Maybe we’ll find something with insurance. I know you can get insurance with Robert Half but you have to work a lot. I don’t think I could work that much, now.

I have thought of the home work too but I think it’s just too hectic right now to try and do that. I’d need the kids in school all day to try and focus on work at home. (I don’t even know where all my equipment is….) Even with Rog home it sounds crazy. We are talking about putting the door back on the office so we can close it. That is a future option!!!

Well, I guess that’s all my new news- which is big news.. sigh. I did accomplish a big computer project which I was proud of – after the “middle aged” computer (2000 Dell) died I got my old one here from my mom’s house, and set it up and networked it. Then I programmed the old fax to work so am back in business with a working network and fax. Even got my old fonts back off the old computer that I loved and couldn’t find – especially CAC Pinafore! Still want to eventually fiddle with the middle-aged Dell and get it to work for Colleen as she has Insaniquarium on there. She doesn’t like my old Wonderex 486 – too slow for her!!! it is souped up to Pentium 1 for goodness sake! ha ha – it’s my baby from 1995 — worked on that machine for 8 years in DOS Word Perfect.


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moving in again?

All Christmas stuff is put away and we got over the last batch of illnesses in time for the kids to start school last week. Colleen and Chris finished their antibiotics and Chris got over his skin infection (phew!).

Yesterday Ryan got sick. He’s had a temp for 2 days and he’s going to dr. today. I don’t feel great – hope I’m not coming down with it. Ironically my appt. for my migraines is Thursday so if I do get sick – good timing (as long as I’m not too sick to drive there!). Rog has been sick for 3 weeks (not in bed the whole time) and I’m trying to get him to the dr. It was not a bad time to be sick though as it’s the annual “no work” time at work – he hopes to have tons of work by next week as it looks like it’s piling up there to be assigned (he cleans as his own business the same office they assign work from).

What else? Yes, our older computer seems to have died – the one we got in 2000. I’m so glad we got this one (summer of 05) and managed to get everything transferred over, just about (it was acting up so I was worried and kept booting it for as long as it would stay booted and moved over the network). I tore it down and took downstairs to await someone having time to look at it that knows more than I do. I’m also getting my old computer back (the 1995 one) to set up for the kids downstairs.

After feeling temporarily very caught up after Christmas with everything neat and tidy, we brought like 30 boxes up here from the basement, garage, our old house, and Gayle’s. YIKES! I feel like I just moved in again. And there’s more coming. All the boxes from my mother’s have yet to come (17 huge rubbermaid bins, she says, plus massive amounts of bags), and also everything out of our attic at the other house, the shed, and probably 10-20 more boxes out of the main floor of the house over there.

I’m so glad we don’t have to do this again for YEARS!

going to do a few more dishes and maybe go lay down with Ryan for a while…..

love, dori