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bragging ;) files/type-align.html

and the start of my husband’s business site…. files//brightness.html

[note from 2010 – we don’t really practice the brightness.html business at this time – and I am on a minimum mode with type-align but if anyone is interested in transcription, let me know what your turnaround time need is and I will consider your terms.]

(additional 2020 -wow, can’t believe those business sites still open!  will have to get them on our line-bright site in some fashion — ironically starting transcription again shortly after a 9 year break….)

fun fun!

I don’t really want more business right now but getting my name out a little may not be a bad thing in case this job would get too slow or not work out. I did a business card too with that same logo on it and my husband made his own also with the logo on his web site (he actually made his card first and I stole the logo off it and put on the site).

dori, who has to get back to typing CD #2 of 3 due Tuesday…


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