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He’s not sure what he really wants to do but at this point needs to just get something fast. We’re really hoping once Ryan goes to school I can work more and then he’ll work less and go back to school. He’s got to settle what career he’s going to do but he needs more schooling. So this next job he gets will probably be just another “job” and not his career, but who knows….

Amazingly I have been offered this job:
SECRETARY Part-time. Work from home preparing marketing materials. Exc. typing, organizational, computer proficiency in Word, Power Point, E-mail/internet.
that I applied for today in the News-Herald via email! I just have to pick up my StartStop pedal from the other house and make sure it’s compatible to this computer in transcribing CD’S. I can’t believe it. I probably will be working 10 hours a week. Rog is going to help me until he finds a job.

Wow, who would have known?

2 thoughts on “prospects…”

  1. i agree with heather, that job sounds perfect for you! congratulations! =)

    and that’s great that the interviews seem to be rolling in pretty quickly for roger too! i hope he finds something he’ll enjoy for the time being, too! =)

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