thinking about Idaho/ house hunting thoughts

Oh, just am so glad they found Shasta alive in Idaho but what a horrible thing she went through. I just am so moved by that whole story. She will have a hard time recuperating I’m sure. I am praying for her – I can’t imagine living knowing almost my whole family died – but thank God she has her dad. I hope her brother is alive too….

We have been house hunting a lot and have found some really that we liked a lot but they were all over our price range or there was something wrong with them not really workable for us. So we’re relaxing a bit on the house hunt. Our new goal is to keep our eyes open still but to ready our house for SELLING. We have never sold a house before so it’s kind of overwhelming to us. We have SO much stuff and don’t know how we’d get rid of it (things we need!) to appropriately sell our house, to show it in that “empty” way that people like to see in order to envision THEIR stuff in it! We don’t have anywhere to move into while we empty our house and try and sell it, and we don’t have the money to buy a new house, move in, pay two house payments for a while, and then sell ours after fixing it. We don’t qualify for a bridge loan, either, that will help us do just that.

So we’re thinking of just staying a little longer and doing as much fix up as we can, save more money, pay more credit cards, and just hope in a year we’ll be more prepared to actually put the house up for sale. And then the prayer that our financial situation will stay good like it is now…. I know from experience how fast things can deteriorate when you think they’re great!

a little scared….

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