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RJ had speech eval today and they want us to closely watch him and work with him a LOT as he may be a little behind. I was kind of thinking of doing some work at 

home but now am reconsidering that. I think my hands might be full…. the kids are my priority!

This is a fearful area for us as Chris lost all his speech at 2 1/2. Ryan will be 2 on 2/22. But they said his play activity was great and that he didn’t seem in the least autistic. I’m just not sure I’m now going to send back him to day care at all right now – may just work with him at home intensely for awhile. The day care was able to take him on an as-needed basis so I could type at home. Well, at least I know that option is available if I need it!
Kiddoes – always something.

I have more to update but so busy….

One thing I did want to mention though is my grandma passed away on 12/30. We will sure miss her! She was 92 1/2.



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