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DSC00670 Originally uploaded by criscollrj Wow, June 18th already. AND one month, one day on Weigh Down/Thin Within. I WILL DO THIS. And we’re almost done with Colleen’s summer school and about to start Chris’s. I’ll be transporting in the morning and Gayle in the afternoon, bless her. The only time we won’t be transporting […]

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Thin within video   1 comment

I’ve printed a sample workbook and plan to start today. I need to get in a support group also…[ad#Google Adsense]

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me 86 Originally uploaded by criscollrj. I am planning to start this today: http://www.thinwithin.org/ http://www.thinwithin.org/who/program.html (NOTE it is Christian-based, so you are warned before you click…) I may order some of the materials when I can, but I know I can do this for a while even without that. I followed the “Weigh Down” principles […]

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Lost 3 pounds so far! I know this will be the biggest weight loss of the time probably because the first week is always highest. Feels good to be back on track! 177.5/174.5/125.[ad#Google Adsense]

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I haven’t really focused on my food plan much at all this year. I may have stayed on Food Mover for once or twice for a week and lost 2 pounds or so. Luckily with all my activity and the steep stairs here I’m not in big trouble, but I am ready to take off […]

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Seems like it. Actually Chris has quieted down so I hope to go to sleep SOON. I was up late last night with him and then overslept this morning and he missed his bus. Ended up taking him to the dr. – another sinus infection. It goes together – the sleeplessness and the sinus infections. […]

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I had lost 5 pounds as of last week, but a pound crept back on this week. I’m not worried about it — I’m just going to keep going on this plan. I lost weight on it before, I will this time as well. dori, 186.2/182.7/125 [ad#Emealz]

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see I already posted about that stuff! Oh well… guess it’s on the top of my mind 🙂 the weight – so far I’ve lost 3 pounds! I need to weigh in tomorrow. I’ll try and post my current weight loss then. Hope some more has come off!! dori, who is happy to have missed […]

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someday I just want to go slow and ramble for hours on here…. Baby boo is up and keeping me busy, so this will be short. He is doing good — he is talking more since i’ve been home!! He also has not thrown up since I’ve been home (at day care he was throwing […]

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