I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Ps. 37:25

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An outside tragedy strikes our busy lives here in NE Ohio–spring is still around the corner   Leave a comment

The urgencies of life all keep going on these months, almost 3 months since I posted last, my Christmas newsletter.  School is in full swing for me and the kids, and we are doing fine.  The usual chaos of trying to get the house cleaned (or not) and cooking, studying, playing, having outings, and planning […]

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Jesus commands us to go, and to come   Leave a comment

As I listened to Dr. David Jeremiah today, http://www.davidjeremiah.org/site/radio_archives.aspx, as he was preaching about stress and our lives, I was drawn to this parallel.  He was describing how when we are so stressed out in life that we have a rest in our Savior and God and that not only is it a slight offer […]

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About running –   Leave a comment

As the spring arrives, I have been thinking about running in various ways. I have used it as a thing to worry about – as spring comes every year, the boys would get more boisterous about escaping the house and running off (or in Chris’s case, usually walking very fast).  As far as I’ve heard, […]

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Syllabi and phones —   Leave a comment

(http://www.pcworld.com/article/173033/evolution_of_the_cell_phone.html First I must confess I did have to look up if the plural of syllabus was syllabi – and certainly it is. I wonder where I came about that certain bit of information in my head – I’m certainly not sure – but slightly pleased to know that was right. LOL. Since 1999 I […]

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From Christmas to just Winter   Leave a comment

The tree unadorned, awaiting just the unassembly.  I did get the tree up right after Thanksgiving, but was a little late getting it all decorated (a week or so after Thanksgiving?)  But as always we treasured it’s beauty, and planned to take it down the 7th.  However, because Colleen was having a New Year’s party […]

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The Fun List   Leave a comment

I spend so much time making to-do lists and doing budgets and work checklists and homework checklists I need a break from that!!  So here’s a new kind of list I thought would be refreshing to make! Play lots of Wii with RJ and Chris too – and if Colleen will agree to play she […]

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Priorities —   Leave a comment

At first glance my priorities seem very basic, and concrete, like: Do the laundry Do dishes Get homework done Make sure kids are safe. I get up at 5 and make sure Colleen gets on her bus, then Ryan goes, and I know Gayle is getting Chris off to school.  Our family team is taking […]

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Trivial and important often reside together   Leave a comment

As a person who has always been not so good at multi-tasking, I have had to learn to become quite good at it! The important things in my mind always are: Taking care of our children and the family’s basic needs. Roger and I getting our work done. Us getting our schoolwork done when we’re […]

I am alive   Leave a comment

Testing out Windows Live Writer.  Working at the moment, and have had a ton of stuff happen in our fam since Christmas, and will try and update soon.  Really would like to get all three of my blogs seriously underway and active on searches soon.  Prayers for my family’s health issues appreciated at this time. […]

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progressing —   Leave a comment

DSC00670 Originally uploaded by criscollrj Wow, June 18th already. AND one month, one day on Weigh Down/Thin Within. I WILL DO THIS. And we’re almost done with Colleen’s summer school and about to start Chris’s. I’ll be transporting in the morning and Gayle in the afternoon, bless her. The only time we won’t be transporting […]

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