with a condition. We’ve been APPROVED! With a condition however, but we’re going to do it. We need to pull out some assets and pay off one of our credit cards to qualify. We’re doing it – we have a fund we can use, we just have to access it and it will take some time. But we will be so glad – have the house AND be $6,000 less in debt!

So thanks for prayers – I’m so RELIEVED AND HAPPY! I just have to now start doing a motion for the Judge to release the money from Chris’ guardianship – I’m sure he will, it’s for his future home!

(2020 – hmmmm that’s interesting, that did NOT happen…. Chris still has his trust fund and we’re EAGERLY awaiting trying to buy he AND his brother Ryan a group home house with it as a down payment, 15 years later….)


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not much to update…

but doing it anyway. I have a sinus headache, and have a pile of groceries to put away. I didn’t pack at all today, but did wash dishes, do laundry, take a shower, and take care of the kids minus the 2 1/2 hours Ryan goes to preschool. So another busy day!

Talked briefly to the loan guy – still waiting on the underwriter (I don’t know why but I always want to type undertaker! he!). Said she is trying to get to it all but of course has 14 other files on her desk that have the same urgency so he can’t tell me when we’ll know the answer.


Oh well.



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sittin’ and waitin’ for the phone to ring

Well, only for a few moments. I’m going to be mindless and do a survey. I already got 2 kids off to school, took a third to speech therapy, and took a great 1/2 hour walk for some much needed exercise and prayer time. Next, back to cleaning and packing, since we’re moving out of here no matter what (just will take longer if we have to wait and sell this house and find another house if this loan fails!)

I may or may not know today, now. Lady last night said it may be a few more days. If I don’t post you know I died from waiting….. ha!

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We found out we can’t use Rog’s mileage income for the loan, because it’s not taxed!! (They never send us a 1099 or anything!) So they’re trying to put nickels and dimes together between income and expenses to make our loan go through! It’s a difference of a few dollars of making or not making it!! Ugh!

I should know by tomorrow for sure. I’m so nervous.

Just praying.

I don’t think Chris has strep, he doesn’t seem that sick – but I’ll find that out tomorrow too. And Chris’s rash looks a lot better!

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Quiet in the chaos

Just ate lunch, and got Ryan off on the bus. I need to get back to packing. But I just turned on some Christian songs off Windows Media Player and thought I’d write just a little. It was so nice to finally answer some comments – Thanks for writing everyone and your thoughts/prayers.

It is so hard to wait on this house!! But I know if it’s meant to be it will all work out. All the signs seem to be pointed for it to work out.

It had to go through several steps – and we’re almost done.

    • Offer on house. Did that sometime in August, with waiting for THAT to be accepted.
    • Counteroffered, was turned down, but the other offer was lower than asking. In detail, we offered 134,000 to the 142 asking (I think?) then they countered back at 139,000.
    • We thought about it for a while, then decided to offer 137,000 with appliances included.
    • After we decided to do this, but hadn’t picked up the phone yet, we found out that Chris’s school attendance was NOT a given, and this was right before labor day, on Friday.
    • Waited 5 excruciating days for the school to say YES, Chris can come!
    • Called, gave the counteroffer, and was called back and told, 139,000 WITH appliances. We accepted. A lot of prayer had gone into this, as we were a little worried about almost doubling our mortgage. We will have to get a second mortgage, also, to secure mortgage payments on our first house while we’re trying to sell it, AND to pay off our credit cards.
    • Went in to the broker selling the house, and did loan papers with him, waited a day or so, and he said we were approved. Was shocked we didn’t have to give any income information. Apparently some kind of loan a lot of self-employed people do. (About the 7th of September?)
    • Worried about the form the loan was in, which was called a stated income loan.
    • Had attorneys review the loan (this was in our contract, as we had strange feelings about it from the beginning. Was told it was probably FRAUDULENT.

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interests survey

LJ Interests meme results

    1. attention deficit:
      I believe my whole family suffers from this. Apparently I have it, but it didn’t affect my school work – I was kind of a brain ha ha! But my housework abilities suffer.
    2. back to school:
      I still want to go back to college, but this, again, is on hold. I really want to get either a music therapy degree or an occupational therapy degree.

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Good things come to them that wait


The loan has been approved! We are just waiting for all the papers to be verified and then we shall get KEYS! in a few weeks to maybe a month.

We had a bit of a test early this week as we were told by our attorneys that the loan arrangement did not look very solid. So we had to go to a different lender and reapply all over again!! So a few extra stressful days there…

Waiting, and trusting,



More Power To Ya

More Power to Ya: The Petra Devotional

Also featured on:
Muscle Shoals, Vol. 4: More Power to Ya

You say you’ve been feeling weaker, weaker by the day,
You say you can’t make the joy of your Salvation stay,
But Good things come to them that wait, not to those who Hesitate,
So, hurry up & wait upon the Lord

More power to ya, when you’re standing on His word.
When you’re trusting with your Whole heart in the Message you have heard,
More power to ya, when we’re all in one accord,
they that wait upon the Lord they shall renew,
They shall renew their strength

Jesus promised His Disciples He’d give strength to them,
Jesus told them all to tarry in Jerusalem,
When they were all in one accord the power of His Spirit Poured & they Began to turn the World around


So Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might,
Put on all His armour and fight the good fight, in all of our weakness
He becomes so strong, and He gives us the power & the Strength to carry on


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He has made a way

God will make a way

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way He will make a way

By a roadway in the wilderness
He’ll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But His word will still remain
He will do something new today.

This is a song, by David Moehn or something like that – and I heard it today and it gave me such comfort that we are doing the right thing with buying this house!!! We had the home inspection today and everything went fairly well. There is a lot of work to do, but structurally it’s very sound!! I have been nervous about having to get a home equity loan on this house to get it, but that song arriving on the cd right after i’d prayed about whether we were doing the right thing made me feel we’re going the right direction. I have also prayed that God will BLOCK it if it’s not right.

We’re going up on our mortgage by about $400, but down on other expenses by about $200. So it should be okay. I just pray Rog has more work soon – we’re in the middle of work stoppage right now, week 4 starting tomorrow. We did save for it, though – it usually happens in the summer and it happened in the fall instead. We’re just now going to run short if we don’t get work THIS week. Pray for us, please –

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hi – house thoughts —

We are almost done with our 4 day wait to see what the school says about Chris. To summarize – our offer and financing are approved. We are waiting for the school district in the new area to state to us whether Chris can stay in his present school that is meeting his needs. We do not know what they will say – have no idea – though common sense says they would have his best needs at heart.

I had said from the beginning that if they say Chris has to leave his school we would not buy the house. I have a friend (one of my best friends) that is trying to convince me to think this a little less black and white. She is stating that perhaps the new school WOULD have a viable option for Chris even if they do not approve his going to his present school. She is also saying to think of Colleen’s and Ryan’s needs. They are attending the City schools, which Chris is not attending. Colleen has just entered the middle school and for the next 6 years will be dealing with attending an inner city school. Ryan will just begin Kindergarten in 2 years but then of course by middle school will also be dealing with the same as Colleen (though of course by then Chris will be grown and probably living somewhere else so we could probably move by then.)

She is just saying to keep an open mind and keep the whole family in mind, not just Chris. That is very hard for me!! But she is right.

I also don’t know how long Chris will be with us in our home. My good friend Kathy is just now finding placement for her autistic/ADHD son. Her son is out of control, running down the street, banging on windows, and has to have the police called on him regularly. He is almost 16. I hope Chris doesn’t get to this place, but he IS ALSO leaving without permission and going down the street. I know we’ll have a fence at either place, but her son is at the point where he just hops fences to get over them. So I’m starting to wonder if I’m being too narrow minded basing this decision TOTALLY on Chris. I’m adjusting my thinking, though I don’t know what I’ll do yet if they will say no tomorrow about him attending his present school….

What is good for Chris at this new house is we’ll finally have a place to set up a work area for Chris that will mirror his work area at school. He will have a rocker for music time, an exercise bike, and a reading area and a icon/object schedule. We were going to start this past summer on this but didn’t know where to put the exercise bike and chart! Now we’ll have a place, whether we decide it should be in the basement family room, or in his bedroom.

Thanks for listening…..