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hi – house thoughts —

We are almost done with our 4 day wait to see what the school says about Chris. To summarize – our offer and financing are approved. We are waiting for the school district in the new area to state to us whether Chris can stay in his present school that is meeting his needs. We do not know what they will say – have no idea – though common sense says they would have his best needs at heart.

I had said from the beginning that if they say Chris has to leave his school we would not buy the house. I have a friend (one of my best friends) that is trying to convince me to think this a little less black and white. She is stating that perhaps the new school WOULD have a viable option for Chris even if they do not approve his going to his present school. She is also saying to think of Colleen’s and Ryan’s needs. They are attending the City schools, which Chris is not attending. Colleen has just entered the middle school and for the next 6 years will be dealing with attending an inner city school. Ryan will just begin Kindergarten in 2 years but then of course by middle school will also be dealing with the same as Colleen (though of course by then Chris will be grown and probably living somewhere else so we could probably move by then.)

She is just saying to keep an open mind and keep the whole family in mind, not just Chris. That is very hard for me!! But she is right.

I also don’t know how long Chris will be with us in our home. My good friend Kathy is just now finding placement for her autistic/ADHD son. Her son is out of control, running down the street, banging on windows, and has to have the police called on him regularly. He is almost 16. I hope Chris doesn’t get to this place, but he IS ALSO leaving without permission and going down the street. I know we’ll have a fence at either place, but her son is at the point where he just hops fences to get over them. So I’m starting to wonder if I’m being too narrow minded basing this decision TOTALLY on Chris. I’m adjusting my thinking, though I don’t know what I’ll do yet if they will say no tomorrow about him attending his present school….

What is good for Chris at this new house is we’ll finally have a place to set up a work area for Chris that will mirror his work area at school. He will have a rocker for music time, an exercise bike, and a reading area and a icon/object schedule. We were going to start this past summer on this but didn’t know where to put the exercise bike and chart! Now we’ll have a place, whether we decide it should be in the basement family room, or in his bedroom.

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  1. well i already read your most recent entry saying that everything worked out with chris’s school so since i know how it turned out, all i have to say is i’m glad you got the best of both worlds! and that’s awesome that you have room for a workplace for chris, it sounds like that’ll be great for him!

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