with a condition. We’ve been APPROVED! With a condition however, but we’re going to do it. We need to pull out some assets and pay off one of our credit cards to qualify. We’re doing it – we have a fund we can use, we just have to access it and it will take some time. But we will be so glad – have the house AND be $6,000 less in debt!

So thanks for prayers – I’m so RELIEVED AND HAPPY! I just have to now start doing a motion for the Judge to release the money from Chris’ guardianship – I’m sure he will, it’s for his future home!

(2020 – hmmmm that’s interesting, that did NOT happen…. Chris still has his trust fund and we’re EAGERLY awaiting trying to buy he AND his brother Ryan a group home house with it as a down payment, 15 years later….)


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