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Quiet in the chaos

Just ate lunch, and got Ryan off on the bus. I need to get back to packing. But I just turned on some Christian songs off Windows Media Player and thought I’d write just a little. It was so nice to finally answer some comments – Thanks for writing everyone and your thoughts/prayers.

It is so hard to wait on this house!! But I know if it’s meant to be it will all work out. All the signs seem to be pointed for it to work out.

It had to go through several steps – and we’re almost done.

    • Offer on house. Did that sometime in August, with waiting for THAT to be accepted.
    • Counteroffered, was turned down, but the other offer was lower than asking. In detail, we offered 134,000 to the 142 asking (I think?) then they countered back at 139,000.
    • We thought about it for a while, then decided to offer 137,000 with appliances included.
    • After we decided to do this, but hadn’t picked up the phone yet, we found out that Chris’s school attendance was NOT a given, and this was right before labor day, on Friday.
    • Waited 5 excruciating days for the school to say YES, Chris can come!
    • Called, gave the counteroffer, and was called back and told, 139,000 WITH appliances. We accepted. A lot of prayer had gone into this, as we were a little worried about almost doubling our mortgage. We will have to get a second mortgage, also, to secure mortgage payments on our first house while we’re trying to sell it, AND to pay off our credit cards.
    • Went in to the broker selling the house, and did loan papers with him, waited a day or so, and he said we were approved. Was shocked we didn’t have to give any income information. Apparently some kind of loan a lot of self-employed people do. (About the 7th of September?)
    • Worried about the form the loan was in, which was called a stated income loan.
    • Had attorneys review the loan (this was in our contract, as we had strange feelings about it from the beginning. Was told it was probably FRAUDULENT.

  • Freaked, and didn’t know what to do (this was probably about the 13th of the month?
  • Had another GOD-incident, as I’ve heard them called, as our neighbor came over to give us a box for moving. I shared our misgivings about this loan and whether to believe the broker (stranger) or attorney (who I worked for and knew for years) and HE said
  • I do loans, too, but we’re with a major company (Citibank!) and I’d be happy to look over all the papers for you and see what WE can do for you!
  • A few days later we “fired” the broker and went with our friend next door. He looked at everything, and said his company should be able to help us.
  • Waited more days to finally have the paperwork all go to Citibank. Then probably one week ago heard everything was “preapproved.” YIPPEE – and conventional too — no “fraudulent?” stated income loans!!!
  • Sent in all requested paperwork via fax to Michigan – it ended up being 97 pp or so which included the 10 or so pp of signed loan papers.
  • Have now been waiting since Thursday morning to hear back on whether all my 97 pp pages are satisfactory to them as proving our income!
  • There are two more steps, and I’m going to DIE waiting.
  • One is the appraisal, which HAS to come out at the right amount or even if the loan goes through per our income can still skew everything. We may know on this tomorrow.
  • The other is that all this verification checks out with our income we told them on the phone and I PRAY IT DOES!

So we’ve been waiting in one way or another since August 26 or so. I remember thinking, we may know something after the 26th of August. That was for the offer on the house. Now, it’s the 26th of September.

We’ve had a lot of 26th events — my mom’s birthday, my grandma’s birthday, my husband’s and my anniversary of dating, and then a lot of things around the 20’s. Chris’s birthday – 20th Nov. Colleen’s 29th of May. Mine/Ryan, 22nd of February. It’s a 20’s thing…..

So this has to go through before the 30th, right?

ha ha ha ha ha

The house we’re in now, our loan was approved on my birthday (1993). We got the keys in the middle of March, and moved in late April.

I must shower and start packing again. I’ll be okay — but if this falls through, no more house buying for me for a while! And if it GOES THROUGH – no more house buying then either!

There is SO Much sorting to do. We also have been suffering from pantry moths for years so everything must be thoroughly checked for any infestation of those. They mostly go for foodstuffs but can get into papers, etc. So lots of checking and chucking of papers going on. It’s very time consuming. I just couldn’t look at it yet this afternoon, so here I am. But I must delve back in!

My mail’s here…..

love, dori


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