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Spring is in the air!

Well, maybe not for long, but after a few months of a blanket of snow continuously it was so nice to see the grass this week!! We had snow pretty much continuously since November with maybe 2 short breaks. I love winter, but it was getting to be too much!

I managed to get my Christmas stuff put away in a fairly timely manner this year! I then just kept working, and amazingly we all stayed healthy (until two weeks ago!). I’m working for about 5 contracts and pretty much just switch between them (not quite coordinated enough to work for 2 at once!). Usually I stay about 30-40 hours a week with it all, sometimes more or less.

Ryan managed to somehow catch strep about two weeks ago. Due to his not taking his antibiotics he had to have a penicillin shot. A few days later he got a cold, and Rog and I left for out of town while my mom watched him. He went to school at first, but then on Wed last week (we were still out of town) he developed ear pain and Thursday when we got home we took him back to the dr. Ear infection! I thought the shot would have prevented that!!

So 3 antibiotics later (again trouble with taking them) he apparently has a virus, too, as I have it as well, and it’s nasty – cough, fever, aches and pains, and exhaustion. I went to bed at 6 last night.

I hope he can get back to school tomorrow. He has been so miserable since Sunday with this virus on top of ear infection!

We went out of town last week, Rog and I, so that I could help him catch up on handwriting files in one of his counties. There are plenty of pictures on the right in Flickr about it!!! We had such a good time and also were very busy and productive. The scenery was beautiful! We even saw some snow in the mountains and hills that usually don’t get very much (not too different from home – ha ha!)

Now I’m just hoping Ryan and I get better soon and no one else catches it. Spring is in the air, and also brings these spring viruses!


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