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No time!

So what’s taking my time? All kinds of things!

  • working
  • trying to clean house
  • learning the Dave Ramsey method of financing
  • occasionally exercising, but eating too much candy
  • Seeing Chris!
  • Overseeing Colleen & Ryan
  • Checking out facebook (my user name is dori typesalot) and finding old friends on there.
  • what~2020 – dori typesalot?  that’s hilarious!!!  Wonder how long that lasted?
  • Cooking homecooked meals to save money!
  • Planning Christmas a bit ahead of time
  • Doing Chris’s guardianship papers for him turning 18
  • Suffering from colds – like two in a row – yuck!
  • Watching with amazement the leaves turn red and then all of the sudden today they’re all off the trees…
  • Enjoying our first snow earlier this week.

Happy Thanksgiving, if I’m not back on before that, and keep checking the Flickr pics on the right!  (2020, yeah that’s outdated too — leaving it there anyway, as I had that Flickr viewer for YEARS)

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