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Almost time for my fall background change!

Ryan, my photographer.

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I updated. I’m not even sure what I wrote about exactly last (and don’t really feel like looking right now)

First, after taking tons of pics like this with my camera phone, Which he really wasn’t supposed to to do but got away with it as much as possible anyway , Ryan lost the battery to my camera phone. This explains why I’ve had no August pictures.

I just yesterday FOUND the camera SD cord for my actual camera, and plan to get some batteries for that and start using it. I did take a few pictures with the cell phone I’m now sharing on my mom’s plan – this was the best of the bunch.  It’s just a VGA.

But we’ll be back to photo taking bliss soon, I’m sure!!!

In other news, we’ve been working as hard as ever. I just recently am taking a 4 day or so break, and it does feel good. I hadn’t had a weekend off in weeks, and we took the boys away to the cheese house (where I took that petunia picture!) and just took them grocery shopping at a leisurely pace for a change. Rog made a great cookout last night. Colleen was on a church camping trip and had a good time.

Today actually was very hectic, but I was glad it wasn’t an actual workday. I had been working on the office and had decided to move Colleen’s desk by the window. Then I wanted to move my desk just over like a foot or two and then move this sofa table over by the left side of my desk, and the filing cabinet over to my right. Colleen’s desk HAD been on my right before.

So I moved hers before church, then started on mine after church. I cleared area next to it and started to move the desk. Well, something snapped, and the whole desk started to go sideways. (this is my desk, btw — when we first moved in and everything was much cleaner!!)

Well, the top hutch is still alive but the bottom cart is in two pieces in the garbage. Rog held the desk together for quite awhile and he also tried to nail it for stability. NO go. So with him holding the desk up, and Ryan running around, I had to take down my whole computer system and then we trying to get the desk apart (the top unscrews) and get the bottom part to the garbage. While we were doing this, the top part started falling off COMPLETELY and Rog was trying to keep the bottom from collapsing and I caught the top. If you see the height of that desk you can see it was quite a chore. Thank God the top part didn’t hit Ryan – I caught it. He leads a charmed life.

So I had no desk and my computer all apart — had the lucky inspiration to use a desk that had been in Colleen’s room that she didn’t really use anymore. It’s not a computer desk at all but more like a student’s desk. Nice with four drawers and a pen drawer. Then I set up my sofa table next to it for the computer tower and printer. Not tons of leg room, but there is an opening for the foot pedal for work.

My uncle is also giving us a computer cart that we will use if this doesn’t work or for a different computer.

I’m too exhausted now to do anything so tomorrow I need to clear the floor from all the stuff still on it (just miscellaneous stuff that was in those shelves that you see high up that I don’t have anymore with the new desk).

School starts next week, unbelievably. Chris is going to a new autism class at a new school, and will be in 11th grade. Ryan is going to PDD class at his same school and will be in the 1st grade. Colleen will be beginning her first full year of homeschooling with ECOT, 9th grade. I shall continue to work a lot and hope everything runs smoothly. We still have Chris’s aide Doreen [she works with him 7 days a week!] and we have an aide named Betty that’s working with Ryan 4 days a week. He needs more hours over Friday and the weekend but they haven’t found anyone yet.

We are looking at residency for Chris with him approaching 18. We think we found a really nice place that we’re applying for to see if he gets in. They’ll take him swimming a lot and on field trips. if it’s God’s will it will work out. I just can’t take him as many places for as much stimulation and learning as he needs. And I worry greatly about him escaping the house and going in that creek across the street that he likes, especially in the middle of the night…


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