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bath bubble burst…

Chris has been staying up until 2-3-4-5 a.m. the last week. He always ends up falling asleep lately and gets up then about 10 (I have to force him up) – sometimes he sleeps until 11. I try earlier but it’s impossible.

So last night I wanted to take a bath, was trying to wait for him to go to sleep. He was still up at 3 so I gave up and went to sleep. Had aches and pains so had trouble going to sleep until 3:30 or so.

So TONIGHT was the night. I was definitely taking a bath (I haven’t had a chance to take one since May when all the kids were in school). At 10:30 I locked myself in the bathroom and ran the water all the way up. I heard Chris at the door but figured he’d just stand there like he always does when I just take a quick shower. Mind you, he can’t hear, so he wouldn’t know the water is on. And he’s never broke in before.

So I get in for ONE MINUTE. He UNLOCKS the door. He’s never done that before. Now RYAN has, which is why I never shower when he’s up (and he’s usually up at 6 so you can imagine how hard it is for me to shower when I maybe have this window from maybe 10 at night – well, now that Chris is opening the door, I don’t know WHEN I’ll shower, either.

I tried to hide thinking he wouldn’t see me (dark shower curtain) but I left the BUBBLE BATH out. So he’s grabbed the bottle, getting ready to get in, so I had to get out. I’m trying to push him out of the room, getter madder and madder (he is down from 230 down to 188 with his med change, but he’s still got me by 11 pounds). But I couldn’t win. I did grab my still pretty full bottle of bubbles and hid them in the bedroom.

So, no bath, and couldn’t even rinse the bubble bath off. I feel worse now. Sweaty and not rinsed. Blach. My plantar fascaiitis [sp] on my foot is acting up – I wanted to soak it for a while. Couldn’t do that either…

I’m just going to go to bed – he’s happily enjoying my raspberry creme bubble bath. I need a good night sleep – please pray he just goes to sleep on his own and doesn’t bother me….. 4 1/2 hours sleep last night wasn’t enough (I was very lucky Ryan slept until 8).

grump over.


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