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Summer will be winding down…

Colleen graduated last Sunday from her boating class, which was very cool. It was a very beautiful day, which was a blessing as we were at the beach for about 4 hours, before we had to leave and go to her camp that she was at all week. During the boating class, which lasted all summer 2x a week, she learned to canoe, kayak, jet-ski, sail, and probably other things that I can’t think of at this moment. I am really glad she had the opportunity with our park system to do this, and I highly recommend if your state has a boating program for teens that you have them join in!

She wasn’t able to join in the boat ride here but spent a lot of time swimming and had a good time. Afterward we had a wonderful dinner that was SO filling, croissant sandwiches, chips, mac & potato salads, fruit salad, pop. Yum!

After dinner, certificates and packages and a new life jacket, to keep, was presented to each student. We could not wait until the end of that because we had to pack up and get Colleen to her 4-H camp. She got her package just in time for us to receive it and had to go to the car!

A hectic time was had then as we rushed home for Colleen to shower the sand off, pack any remaining items and we went and dropped her off for a fun-filled week at her 4-H camp. Unfortunately the perfect weather did not last through the week, and she had 2-3 days of a lot of rain. Made good use, I’m sure, of the extra shoes and outfits packed! She made a lot of friends, saw old, close friends, and had fun singing the Numa song with her camp-mates in their talent show.

She found new friends that liked her comic character Inuyasha as much as she does.

We spent the week just caring for the two rambunctious boys, and know Chris will be eager to go back to school Monday at his day camp that will last three weeks. Ryan just has about 2 weeks left of his day camp. Then, amazingly, it will be only about 3 weeks until regular school starts.

This is similar to the classroom Ryan has this summer, and also to the one he will have in the fall. He loves his summer camp! They attend field trips once a week. It’s a quick 2 hours (I arrive home at 9:30 after dropping him off, and leave about 11:40 to pick him up) but he’s just really enjoying it.

And Chris LOVES his camp – they go in water EVERY day and are well equipped for getting Chris out when they need to.

So, we’re enjoying our summer, and planning for fall. Come fall I plan to work about 15-20 hours, probably 3 days a week. I’m going to try and plan some larger housecleaning projects the 2 days I’m off. I need to do MANY things, organize cabinets, deep-clean bedrooms, clean basement, organize some painting projects, and even just trying to adhere to some sort of exercise plan.

Happy rest of summer everyone, and hope all are peaceful and healthy!


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