Heather’s survey—

Three Words Only…

1. Where is your cell phone?:
Next to me.

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?:
Married 20 years.

3. Your hair?:
Frizzy from heat.

4. Where is your father?
Watching from Heaven.

5. Your favorite sex act?
Having some time!!

6. Your favorite thing to do?
Eating, drinking Coke.

7. Your dream last night?:
Kitchen painted yellow.

8. Your favorite drink?:
Icy Coca-Cola Classic.

9. Your dream car?:
Roomy clean van.

10. The room you’re in?
Messy roomy office.

11. Favorite underwear?
Clean not ripped.

12. Your fear?
Already came true.

13. Favorite musical instrument?
Playing Alvarez Guitar.

14. Who did you hang out with last night?:
Rog, three kids.

15. What you’re not good at?:
Staying on budget.

16. Muffins?
Chocolate chip, cold.

17. One of your wish list items?:
Brand new laptop.

18. Where did you grow up?:
NE Ohio, country.

19. The last thing you did?:
Checked on kids.

20. What are you wearing?:
shirt and shorts.

21. Your pet
Chestnut the hamster.

22. Your MySpace
Ignored by me.

23. Your computer?:
Nervously older, full.

24. Your life?:
Full of challenges.

25. Your mood?:
Optimistic over future.

26. Missing?:
My s.s. card.

27. What are you thinking about right now?:
Whether Chris sleeps.

28. Your car?:
Almost 100,000 miles.

29. Your work?:
I love it.

30. Your summer?:
Going very fast.

31. Your relationship status?:
Together, not enough.

32. Your favorite color(s):
Medium slate blue.

33. When is the last time you laughed?
Earlier sometime today.

34. Last time you cried?:
Few days ago.

35. School?:
Again on hold.


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