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Welcome back to morning naps

Chris HAS been sleeping well at night for months, but was having more assertive (to put it mildly!) behavior during the day.  After struggling for several weeks (months?) with his having trouble obeying limits and NOT pulling on our arms where he wants us to go, pulling us along the road, hallways, kitchen, wherever something is that he wants, or trying to leave places he didn’t want to be, we called an emergency appt. with the psychiatrist.  He is a very caring doctor and listened to us and actually got to witness the “wanting to leave” behavior in his office, as did his staff in the waiting room (they called in an assistant for us to help as I had Ryan with me too). 

He advised us to increase his Geodon after discussing with us more about the role Geodon plays in Chris’s diagnosis/health, etc., and cautioning us to try and do his EKG and blood work soon to make sure his heart is okay with the meds.  He doubled his morning dose but kept his evening dose the same.  Chris’ weight has almost doubled since he had started the dose he’s been on for a few years, so it was time.  We increased his dose yesterday and now yesterday and today he has taken a two-hour nap in the morning.  He is still going to sleep at night.  So it remains to be seen if Chris is going to sleep at school now every morning.  That may pose a difficulty as they have six children in a very small classroom this year.  Where would they put sleeping Chris?  But I suppose it beats a kid that’s trying to finish all his tasks on his scheduling board so he can try and run out of the classroom, which is what he’d been doing lately.

In my med story, I am now on 60 mg’s of Strattera.  I really don’t feel any difference yet, but she said I may not until I’d been on the new dose 4-5 weeks.  It’s only been one week (I was on 40 for two weeks and felt no different).  So we’ll see what happens there.

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