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stable here —

and I’m hopelessly behind as usual!

I’ve replaced with working with cleaning my house with a vengeance. Boy did it need it and still does!

I go this Thursday to the psych. to see if I need to some ADD meds. I still have trouble with losing things. I really have the house in pretty good shape but still couldn’t find Ryan’s book bag or shoes this morning. He went in sandals and a spare bag I had here. I also couldn’t find his hearing aids for a while and then remembered i’ put them in this other little bag. But wasted 5 minutes hunting for those.

I’m trying to force myself to stay on a system I call “dailies’ which keeps me petty much on track. I start in the back of the house and make all the beds and pick up extra stuff on the floor and put it away and wipe down both bathrooms with a bleach wipe. Then pick up the living room, and finally the kitchen. This takes me a few hours a day. I’d like to get to the point where in 2-3 hours I also clean the downstairs family room too and that bathroom but I still am not at the point where I’m getting down there. I also have a backlog of paperwork to file and stuff so that’s another chore I need to do!!! But it’s not automatic for me – I Have to have a system or it doesn’t get done.

Well, I’d better get to the system 😉 And I have the remains of a headache so not feeling great… was supposed to go to an exercise class today but putting off til Thurs. AND MUST go grocery shopping this morning– my aid is not coming as she usually does in afternoon for Chris so no way I’m taking all the kids shopping. She was in an accident – not sure what happened – hoping she’s okay!!



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