I’ve invited several of you to view our new blog, and thank you for visiting. We have a purpose here to share our story, and network with others, give some help, and perhaps receive some helpful information ourselves. I will try and write every week or so, and give the story of Christopher, Ryan, and Colleen, and hope that everyone enjoys reading and sharing. Please comment and I’ll try and comment back. I hope this is an enjoyable place for both family and friends, as well as a helpful site for the community. I hope to build an extensive page of links to help others just beginning on the road to special needs, or in the middle, or anywhere on their journeys.

Special prayers and thoughts to you all — blessings, dori

(2020, still my goal!!!  I have had several years of interruptions of meeting this goal, but am still on the way to trying!!!  I don’t regret having the other livejournal pages posted in here, as messy as they are, as they show more about our family than planned posts may have — though now I do need to do more posting as I hardly make any new posts.  I hope once I have this edited and back “online” and publicized that I can start adding new posts again, and make a useful resource for others on the pages accompanying this blog.)

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