autism Ryan


working now, but …

went to the neuro, and he thinks Ryan may have PDD. Even with knowing it could happen, I still feel like I got kicked in the stomach.

I know it’s not a death sentence, but….

ugh. I really thought he was doing well and I don’t think he DOESN’T think Ryan is doing well, but just that by 4 1/2 we should be hearing some talking in sentences, etc. I guess I just was hoping the hearing loss was the total cause of the speech delay, and that there was no autism spectrum at all.

(2020, don’t know if I posted here, don’t think I did, but we had genetic testing done before having Ryan, even though he was kind of a surprise, and were told there was a very low chance of us having an autistic child again, that it shouldn’t even be a worry for us.  We also had our pediatrician tell us that Ryan wasn’t autistic.  So to hear that he was was even more devastating and shocking.  He’s wonderful as all three are, of course, but it still was/is hard to accept.