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Comments: Ryan’s been kicked out of day care. I’m kinda devastated about it. He can try this other day care at the multi-handicapped school that the owner also runs – she is recommending it and will waive half the fee (since that center is not ELI (Early Learning Initiative) it is not free), but it’s just the principal of the thing – my son is not able to fit into a typical classroom. It’s just the whole future outlook – special classes, again, what about kindergarten, what about elementary school – are we in for it again, MRDD, autism class, what is going to happen here – I just am grieving, I guess. I cried all the way home from picking him up – I just feel I’ve lost something. Why can’t I have had just one child that is totally typical?

But, he is going to get this case study therapy in our home starting last month. That is a blessing. And he he has his special needs preschool he’s been in 1 1/2 years – that starts next week.

Just needed to share – more later. d —- I know I have posts to answer and posts to read as well, but right now I’m burying my grief in a Taco Bell Chalupa meal.