deafness, Ryan

finding vibes, please!

I LOST RYAN’S HEARING AIDS. I can’t find them anywhere. I know I brought them in the house; I remember taking them off of him (he has a clip) and I always put them in this one drawer, and they’re not there! I just looked through the whole house twice and am so aggravated. I don’t know if he took them out and was playing with them yesterday when I was working? I had to work like 1 1/2 hours more after he got home (not a good thing) and I hope he didn’t get into them and destroy them…. though I never once saw him with them. I just don’t know. (He takes them off when he gets home from school).

Ugh, so happy Rog has work now (same place since sept. 00). I’m going to keep my foot in the door with the jobs and do a little bit ($50 a month or so) just in case he gets laid off again. But right now, super. We’re having fun together, too.

Please send “finding” vibes my way for those hearing aides!

Love, dori


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