christmas letter and moving story! files/Christmas05letter.html

here it is —

I may be scarce — HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


2020 – well, my first link that needs LOTS of work that actually still opens.  I shall leave for now but need to remember to come back and edit.  SHOULD have all the Christmas letter sites saved on backups, hope I do.  I know most are dead links even on the web site….


2 thoughts on “christmas letter and moving story!”

  1. Loved reading this, so pleased you are getting some answers for Chris, and his hearing.
    Loved the pics. you are very talented!!
    Your new looks so lovely, I imagine a lot more to clean!! LOL
    My boy is in the middle of being diagnosed and its quite hard but I think will be a relief to know what we are dealing with, though I have been preparing myself with loads of info, to give him the best that I can.
    You have a lovely family and must be very proud of yourself.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    Love Julesxxx

  2. that’s so great, i had such a great time reading all that and looking at the pics and everything – i want a website now too! the new house is awesome but i think i’ve already told you that before! i’m glad that things are looking up for the boys as far as hearing goes and stuff and that’s great that colleen’s made the transition so well…she sounds wicked outgoing and a fun kid to be around! well if i don’t talk to you before then, have a wonderful christmas and good luck with the plumbing and everything else in the house! 🙂

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