Surprisingly doing okay weight-wise!

We moved 5 weeks ago, and I misplaced my scale! I hadn’t been paying much attention to my diet, but still wasn’t drinking a lot of sugared pop. I was however eating some cake and cookies!

We have STEEP steps at our house and use them ALL the time (our family room is downstairs as well as the spare fridge and extra pantry area for cooking)! I have been very busy with settling up the house, too, and doing lots of laundry.

Therefore, I guess all my exercise has canceled out the goodie calories (ha hee!) because my stats are:

I’ve lost about 5 pounds!

My measurements are the same.

New goals – not to gain over the holidays, and to drink enough water and eat enough veggies and fruits. I also want to begin doing my yoga tape 3x a week.


If I was 165 by new year’s I’d be very ecstatic!


2 thoughts on “Surprisingly doing okay weight-wise!”

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