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A little more on little old me. Then I hope to come back soon (next week early hopefully?) and write comments to you all…

Freezing here, but it’s warm inside! I’m not going anywhere until afternoon. Last night I went to the other house and got some boots – for Rog, Chris & possibly Ryan (not sure if they fit). I couldn’t find any hats or gloves, so I’m going to have to go somewhere tonight with Doreen before or after Chiro and get some. My boots are at Gayle’s still. Tomorrow the kids have Saturday camp so I know they’ll need hats and gloves if they go outside. So no time to hunt all over.

I may go tomorrow to the other house for a while with Rog to pack up more stuff. We still need to go through everything there due to the moths and also just to sort. I’ve thrown lots of stuff away! We did take some moths here but are keeping all of our dry goods in big plastic rubbermaid bins. So far no problem with those. Then we need to do some birthday shopping for Chris.

And I’ll have to get up in the attic again at the old house to get all the rest of our Christmas decorations!

Last night after we got back, I was taking all the stuff in the house, and I turned around and saw Doreen’s vehicle as she was backing out – with the rear in the ditch and the front facing upwards a bit. Sigh. Some man came by and got someone else with a big truck and they pulled her out. But yep, some serious ditches here!!

Another surprise – I was in the basement yesterday and just happened to be looking towards Ryan’s toy box and I saw a little figure with ears and eyes – of course, I think Spice? But I looked and no, it’s GRAY and it went running off then behind Ryan’s toy boxes. MICE. Sigh.

So as usual lots of work and excitement at the household.

Better get to it – need to clean basement now and mop with bleach water and see if I see a mouse hole? And I need to clean upstairs again too….

Oh, I also fell down the outside stairs last night with my winter coat on thankfully- got a sore hipbone but no damage. I need my BOOTS for traction! We’ll be going out the garage from now on!


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Thanks for all the comments! And important pierced ear question!

I will try and respond to each and every one soon. Let me just say it’s a pleasure to have so many varied and interesting friends on here. I enjoy reading your journals and even though I don’t often post I feel honored to have been added to all your friends lists.


Thanks for the snow comments!! I’m in Ohio. And yesterday we got like 6″ of snow! Just here, and in the immediate maybe 30 miles around us right by Lake Erie. People in Cleveland and west got nothing. It’s like that here in the NE Ohio snow belt. But it was early! And we had no boots here yet or hats, gloves, or mittens. They were at the other house. I went and got some last night, as much as I could find in the attic over there. But I’m still missing MY boots, and most of the gloves.

PIERCED EAR QUESTION. I got my ears pierced 3 years ago. I usually wear some small earrings all the time, though sometimes I take them out for a month or so at a time. I just recently wore good hypoallergenic ones for about 2 months. I took them out 3 days ago and put in some hoops because I was going to some meetings and was in the mood for a change. I took them out the same night, but had noticed the left one had actually fallen out before I realized it. Wed. and Thurs. I wore none. Last night my left ear lobe hole felt itchy – I scratched it before I realized it but then stopped and realized it felt like it had a bump and it hurt a little. So I put some rubbing alcohol on a pad and cleaned it off. It has continued to itch now for about 12 hours and I’ve put alcohol on it 3 times. I looked at it in the mirror after cleaning today and see there is like this little white bump poking through from behind after I cleaned the back. Does anyone have any idea what this is, where it came from, and will it just go away on its own? Should I avoid earrings for a long period of time? Or just a few days? I’m thinking one thing I should do is give all my earrings a good bath in rubbing alcohol – it’s been a long time since I did that. Also, should I put something else on my ear besides rubbing alcohol – should I put neosporin or something on it?

Thanks — dori