6 thoughts on “Snow pics”

      1. Wow youre not kidding I will add you back straight away.
        See youre a south beach dieter too, isn’t it so good, I have gone back into p1 (she says just after putting some pastry in my mouth lol) I’m one of those 1 step forward and 2 back!! ha
        Must chat about coping methods with our kids! I have just put my son back onto omega fish oils, I felt that we saw a big change in him, I took him off for a couple of months and could see a difference, so I am off to bribe him to take more, it’s disgusting!

  1. Wow, I wish that snow would move a little lower and hit us! Im itching to go play in the snow with my little ones. And I guess it is about time to put the tree up. Geez, im running behind this year.

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