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A poem —


Wow, I just found this poem as I was packing and sorting notebooks in my laundry room. I wrote this 8/26/90, just 3 months before Chris was born.

curled up tight
in a cocoon
hug the branch
call it home
afraid to fall
out of the shell
to unknown

can the cocoon
stay home
safe inside me?
what would this
safety bring?

dh 8/26/90

That really struck me – my 14 year old Chris, still in his cocoon, of autism, and deafness


4 thoughts on “A poem —”

    1. Thank you.

      My other friend said this “that is neat that those words would come to you and actually mean something about your child….”

      I hadn’t thought of that and then thought that was kind of cool. I feel I’ve often spoken to in words and songs….

  1. I know that I’ve only just started going through your journal today, and I have no idea what sort of treatments/therapies you have tried for his autism, but I was wondering if you have tried horse therapy for him? My mom is a horse person, and riding is very theraputic to both of us, but there have been many studies, and many organizations that use riding as a therapy for autistic children. I’m not sure how your son reacts to sounds, because I had a student once, whose brother was autistic, and he couldn’t watch her during parents week because the music bothered him, but some aren’t affected by it. Music therapy might be good too.

    I really feel like I should read through more entried before saying anything, but it was really stuck in my mind.

  2. Hi – thanks for adding me and reading my journal.

    We did do horse therapy several years ago through his school – it was wonderful! We have been on a wait list for like 7 years now and his name still has not come up! I need to call them and make sure he’s still on the list. He doesn’t have any trouble with music – and we found out why in July – he is also profoundly deaf. That was a shock to us. But he loved the movement of the horses, and we would like to do it again. We also often participate in skating with special needs students – ice skating. He really enjoys that. I am taking a break from it now due to moving, but plan to get signed up soon after November.

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