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I just joined a new community here on Live Journal called backtocollege. I’m so glad it exists, as I have to make a decision that I have been considering for years.

I will copy this entry there as well…

I know I’ve typed here about school before, but can’t remember if I ever tried to work out the decision making here before.

When I was working, either part time, full time, or at home, from 1987-2003, I always had the plan that when and if I was ever home again, I would go to school. I planned to start fall of 2004.

Life threw me some curve balls with the 3 hospitalizations Chris had from March-July of that summer, and I decided to wait. We also wanted to wait to see how Ryan did, as he was only about 20 months when I lost my job Dec. of 04, at the crucial point of “seeing if he would be autistic” for lack of better words.

So, even with infrequent periods of trying to decide again about school, I pretty much put it on hold. I made my goal date to start school Fall of 05.

This is coming up! I need to make a decision. Here’s pros and cons, and my goals.

PROS of going back now:

  1. I should be able to get financial aid with our income at this time.
  2. I am NOT working at this time.
  3. You often get money back each semester from financial aide = helpful!!!
  4. Ryan is now in preschool.
  5. If I start now, I’m only 40, maybe I can get my bachelor’s or masters by the time I’m 50 (i’m planning to go very part time)
  6. I have an aide right now to help me with Chris, so could even study right until 3:00 when Ryan gets home from preschool.
  7. Go back now, before there’s more government cuts on financial aide.

CONS of going back now:

  1. I still have a lot of trouble keeping the house orderly and managing everything I have to do, but it is going much better now that Ryan is in preschool – [ if I give up that 3 hours to myself at home every day, organizing and cleaning, will it all fall apart? ]
  2. Will I have enough time to manage my 3 children’s special needs, appointments, etc.?
  3. Will my ADHD hold me back? In the past, however, school has always been fairly “easy” for me – managing my home has not been.
  4. Will I have enough time to spend with children and family?
  5. Will the financial aide I get be enough, with any government cuts happening? Rog went through without paying for anything 1999-2001 – hopefully it’s still adequate.

I will continue this later…. thanks for reading! Advice welcomed.



6 thoughts on “back to school?”

    1. Ps.. i dont think you will have to worry about tryna find time to do house work + spend time with your family.. everyone will pitch in to make everything work around the house.. + even if u have to spend a LITTLE less time with your kids… the time you do spend will be that much special-er haha.. Good luck! <3<3

      1. Thanks — Iknow there’s things I can cut back on too — (computer will be one thing of course) to make something important like school work out!!!

  1. i go to community college full-time and have been since 2002…i went full time, paid nothing with the help of financial aid, since i go to a local community college and not some big university, worked full-time (until a few months ago, but when i was working full-time it was no sweat), and had no problem keeping up with my day-to day life…granted i dont have 3 children, a house, and a husband but i DO have awful anxiety and panic attacks and stuff, and im not exactly the strongest person, lol, so if I can do it, you definately can! especially if you’re not working right now, you’ll absolutely have time to do everything you need/want to do…something you might wanna look into is a continuing education program as opposed to a day program, that way is usually a lot easier for people who have families or work full-time, thats what i do, you can go at night if you want, and its usually only a few nights a week to be considered full-time, and when things come up you can take semesters off here and there without any complications…i say go for it, it really sounds like its something you wanna do, and you can always stop going if it turns out to be undo-able at the moment, ya know? but at least you will have tried and you wont be wondering all the time “what if?”…hope that helped, and sorry if it came off as annoying or something, i know your life is alot busier/more challenging than my lame lil 23 year old life haha, im not comparing us im jus saying if my lazy ass can do it you DEFINATELY can! πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you got the financial aide too! Wow you were busy working full time too. When I went in ’80’s I worked, but part time. I went full time.

      Several of my relatives, and I think my daughter too, has anxiety and panic. It’s no fun. When did you find out you had it?

      I think i’m going to try and take some online classes too to make things easier. So when you take a semester off or something does it mess up the financial aid at all???

      Thanks for your time! I may have more questions…

      1. i was officially diagnosed when i was 15 but i’ve struggled with with depression/anxiety as far back as i can remember πŸ™ …

        when i take a semester off i just let the lenders know so that my 6 month repayment grace period doesnt start while i’m just taking a break…as far as money goes, it doesnt affect my disbursements at all…as far as i know anyways…i’ve never had a problem with it at any rate! πŸ™‚

        hope that helps a lil!

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