Spice is gone.

Time: Saturday, 2/26/2005 9:49:41 PM (#66046)
User: dori

Spice is gone.

I don’t mean she died – she escaped! We are looking for her now, and we set a bucket trap of seed in the living room and 4 seeds in each room with the lights out and towels under the doors. I’ve been so sick and tired I didn’t clean, so now have lots of boxes of toys,etc., to look through for a little sleeping escapee —

I hope she didn’t die or get outside….

Time: Sunday, 2/27/2005 5:46:38 AM (#66047)
User: dori

Comments: early a.m., my pets hub post —

haven’t found her yet, but in the middle of the night last night I thought I heard scratching and rustling in our bedroom. We brought the cage in there. And the sunflower seeds I’d left in every room, they were gone in our room.

However, early in the morning like 5:30 our son got up and got his drink (he brings it to me to pour) and when he left to go back to bed he left all the doors open in the house except his little brothers, and he went back to sleep. I got up and closed them all again shortly but I don’t know how long they were open (sometimes when he gets up he’s up for several minutes, going to the bathroom, etc., before he comes in our room, and I don’t wake up until he gets to me with the cup). The only other thing, I thought I’d put sunflower seeds in his room too and in the laundry room, but couldn’t find those. So I put fresh seeds out on tin foil. He could have disturbed and scattered the seed in his room.

I’m going to clean out my room as much as possible today to see if I find her…. and just take it one room at a time.

At least I think she’s alive at this point now, but I am worried about all the cords in our house and also the heating vents…. ugh.


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